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Why was i imposed a penalty?

AuthorWhy was i imposed a penalty?
So i was apparently using "foul words" in PM but i never recall doing that. Moreover i can't use the sms id to track the message, it just brings me to my inbox when i use it.

I think this is a mistake, i havent been in contact with anybody new lately and its really shocking that I should be penalized. How do i know the exact message that is the cause of this?
Btw did you get similar fines before? You got fined 10k, whereas it's normally just 1 gold warnings.
Once i got penalized in 2011 i think for saying "shit" in tavern when i was losing. Thats it.

I'm just curious as to what's the reason this time because i haven't even PM'ed anyone much lately.
It doesn't need to be recent, someone could complain for a mail you sent months ago.
I hope you don't get banned for saying that though :P
The sms id mentioned on the penalty suggests that the message was pretty recent. It starts with 492.. I really think it was a mistake though. I haven't said anything offensive lately :P

That's only like 300,000 mails. So really recent.
Hope you get this sorted out. Being penalised for nothing must really suck :/.
Lets be honest, its not the first time we've seen mods abuse from their power and ban for 'Free'.

I remember joking in Common Room with a friend about Temptresses 'tools)))' when it comes to use their Seduce ability and then he got banned. LMAO!
And there was nobody else in that Chat room to see that btw, so it may've been a Bot.

Idk if the ones to ban are Mods or Bots (Who automatically identify bad words), but they should realize that most ppl who play this game are +18 and talk like this.

Any case should be studied before punishing someone, so that nobody gets punished for doing nothing.
That id is the id that appears in insults mailbox, not your mailbox. To know the message try contacting secretary or insults and requesting a copy be forwarded to you. If you feel you have been wrongly penalised, go through the procedure of the official appeals commission (clan id 6500).

for Ipsen:
There is a bot in the chat. However it only moderates foul language and certain words sent through private chat. I do not know where you get your age data from because there are many players under 18 here. At the end of the day the moderators do not make the rules. I am tired of hearing players complaining because they could not follow the rules and received a ban because of it.

Hopefully you can solve the issue by finding the characters/appeals commission and contacting them as I have suggested VV. Unfortunately I cannot provide direct links as I am on mobile and that is a hassle! ;)
Thank you corey. I really thought the sms id was supposed to let me know what the message is, otherwise its pointless to even mention on the transfer log. I have messaged secretary because i would prefer to understand my mistake or whatever the thing is that caused this penalty.
otherwise its pointless to even mention on the transfer log

I think it is so that the administration can track the penalty easily. If it is in the transfer log then it is easier to refer too. The reason that it is that ID, is because the mail is forwarded and thus becomes a new message.

If, after a week or so you haven't got a response, I would suggest trying the Official Appeals Commission to see whether they will be able to assist you.
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