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Firefox/Chrome/IE Flash keeps crashing. Any help?

AuthorFirefox/Chrome/IE Flash keeps crashing. Any help?
I've looked up for the solutions and pretty much tried them all, but I've been facing this since almost 4 days now. The game freezes and then the browser crashes. This especially happens a lot when I play with other live players and not just PvE.

I've re-installed Browsers. Re-installed Flash. Updated Drivers. Corrected Registry errors. Opened browsers in Safe Mode. Tried using Windows Safe Mode. Disabled HArdware Acceleration both in PC and Browser.

Nothing seems to work. Help?

P.S. this happens only in this game. Flash otherwise for other games is working fine.
I use Mozilla and it says the Unresponsive Plugin/Script thing often.(((
How about clearing cache?
Everything is fine for me. I use Chrome.
Used well, Flash itself shouldn't be a problem as you have already noted this does not occur with other games.
It makes you question the core of the game and how it's written. I know mine will crash if I open more than 7-8 or more combat replays at once. I am not experiencing unusual crash recently when playing normally though.
Take a look at the page source and you will also see that the website itself is one gigantic html table. They even have a comment <!-- big table -->..
I am not experts, but this archaic practice makes you doubt what might be going on deeper inside.

It reminds me of how the browser will always crash if I open Noldor's hunt records -_-
A silly example, but when I look at it again while writing this post, they fixed it!
by splitting the records up into pages..
True, it stopped crashing clients, it's practical, but it did not address the bigger underlying performance problem that this topic pointed out.
Everything is fine for me. I use Mozilla and chrome.
for Sylin: PHP is only so good :/ The more code you write in PHP, the more problematic it becomes and the admins can definitely use some good CSS

Everything is fine for me. I use Mozilla and chrome.
Gotten worse now. Crashes simply when I open the browser at times. I think my computer is infected, but Anti-Virus can't find anything.
Did you clear all the caches , cookies and all things you saved in your browser?
Reinstall flash?
Problem persists.

Cleared complete browser content. Reinstall flash? Yes.

PResently only one work around to playing battles. Play my turn, close the tab, restart the combat. Combat plays for around a minute. Repeat. All on safe mode.
Perhaps try a completely different browser (not your conventional ones), like Comodo Dragon or Tor Browser?
Or try a different PC if you can.
for AKA:
Get a good Anti-Virus software. Or better do a full format :(
IMO the problem is with your PC i believe
For some reason problem solved. Looks like I'll never know what was wrong, until of course it returns.

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