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Tribal unity ritual in Thief Guild battle


AuthorTribal unity ritual in Thief Guild battle
and also your factions resist is weak..you have no resist damage to other faction..caravan at your level have 12 in the faction you are facing,and have 5-7 on others..say you met an elf caravan..he has 12 faction lv in elf and also 5-7 in knight..you have none..which begin with an unfair fight
combat lvl 17's AI normaly used to have faction 11. dont know if its changed.
Three suggestions to help you out :

0. (mandatory)
Reduce your AP - go straight to something like 40 AP and stay there. You might get thrashed a couple times, and therefore not reduce difficulty, but you'll end up with a couple casters which will enable you to get these nice 0.7 fsp defeats.

1. Option 1
Switch to Holy Knight and play the Stand Ground build with max griffins. It works from CL 16 onwards. It takes some practice to master it, because you need tobait the enemy properly, but it's *really* efficient.

2. Option 2
Switch to Elf. Elf is so insanely easy for TG at your level that you might not even need PoS. This will help you build some alt resistance as well. To increase elf fsl quicker if needed, you can always play some HG / MG after a TG defeat. Guess what : elf rocks in MG / MG as well :o)

Hope this helps. Good luck !
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