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initiative bonus

Authorinitiative bonus
I'm always puzzled with how the initiative bonus is calculated. Refer to the video below.
My EFK and his RG both start with initiative 15. I have 10% initiative bonus and he only has 8% initiative bonus (Equilibrium blade, merchant's boots and ranger bonus). How come his RG gets 18.2 initiative and my EFK 18 only?

Also, what is the formula for computing the initiative bonus?
It is certainly not multiplying 1+bonus percentage since
for me, 15*(1+10%) = 16.5, not 18

Is it like multiplying 1+2*bonus_percentage?

You gorfot the faction bonuses for ini:

Second table

So you have 10% from arts + 10% from faction lvls.
15 * 1.20 = 18

That knight has faction lvl 11 so he has +2% ini compated to you.
Oh and he has +1 ini armament on hes RG.


15 * (1 + 0.08(from arts) + 0.12(from faction) + 0.01(from armament) = 18.15

And probably rounds down to 18.2
And probably rounds down to 18.2
Rounds up you meant ;)
Thanks. Now I get that not all the initiative bonuses are shown at the player's homepage. But this makes me even more confused about my own initiative bonuses. Particularly, I don't get where my 20% initiative bonus comes from.

My arts (+1% initiative only): Obsidian sword + Mithril mail armor
My faction level 10 (+10% initiative)
My TG level 6 (+6% initiative)

All my armaments are worn out. So I believe these are all the sources of my initiative bonus. But it only adds up to 17%. Do I miss some sources here?
I just found out the answer myself. There is an additional 3% initiative bonus for being an elf. :-)


All these make finding out an enemy's initiative bonus a really hard (or impossible?) task. Have to check arts, TG/RG level, faction level, and armaments.

But as I understand, we canít find out the armaments of another player. Am I right?
But as I understand, we canít find out the armaments of another player. Am I right?

Only when the battle starts.

Your real initiative is shown when you click on your troops in the recruiting page, it adds the arts you have too, but not the armaments (altough I am not sure about armaments).
Thanks. Happy to finally understand the initiative bonus after having fought for 15 levels. :-D
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