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  Skills and abilities

The main parameter of a character is his or her combat level. Initially, it is equal to 1 and increases every time the necessary amount of experience is gained. Experience is received by taking part in combats. You can learn the amount of experience necessary for leveling up from the experience table.

The combat level influences*:
  • the maximum numbers of troops to recruit; thus, the higher the character's level, the more troops you can take to fight along your side;
  • creature level; thus, the higher the character's level, the more powerful creatures will join you;
  • ability to wear greater artifacts;
  • possibility to use more powerful spells;
  • the primary skills of the character;
  • maximum roulette stake allowed (no more than 1000 gold per level);
  • characters of combat level below 3 cannot participate in trade operations, use private mail, as well as leave messages at any forum branches except “Queries and help”;***
  • characters below level 6 have no chance to join the Thief Guild community.
  • gaining access to some in-game services (e.g.: the character can use the Registry office or the Market only after getting combat level 3; the majority of global skirmishes (wars for new territories, deflecting attacks on the Empire etc.) are also available to high level characters only.
    *This list isn't full and is constantly extended.

    Besides the combat level, every character in game possesses four primary parameters: attack, defense, spell power and knowledge; and three additional parameters: luck, morale and initiative. Innate parameters of different factions are as follows:

    Knights: defense +1
    Holy knight: knowledge +1

    Necromancers: knowledge +1
    Unholy necromancer: knowledge +1

    Wizards: knowledge +1
    Battlewise wizard: knowledge +1

    Elves: initiative +3%
    Charmer elf: attack +1

    Barbarians: attack +1
    Fury barbarian: attack +1
    Shadow barbarian: knowledge +1

    Dark Elves: knowledge +1

    Demons: attack +1
    Darkness demon: knowledge +1

    Dwarves: attack +1
    Fire Dwarf: knowledge +1

    Tribals: attack +1

    Pharaohs: knowledge +1

    After gaining a new combat level you may increase any one of the primary parameters by 1.

    Parameters and their description:

    Influences the damage of your character and all your armies.

    Determines the steadiness of your troops to physical attacks of the opponent's troops. Does not extend over magical spells.

    Spell Power
    Influences the efficiency of spells you use. Increasing the spell power makes magical damage greater, spell effect duration longer, number of resurrected creatures larger etc.

    Determines the maximal reserve of character's mana.

    The greater this parameter is, the more probable it is to deal double damage to the opponent with physical attacks. Luck shouldn't be negative, or else the damage might become twice lower. Luck can befall any creature in combat.

    Determines the chance of the troops to get their turns faster, than their initiative allows, or, on the contrary, to miss turns. Morale only affects living creatures.

    Influences the sequence of the troops' turns in combat.

    Extra effects
    Additional effects of equipped artifacts.

    Finally, characters have racial skills that are increased from zero with the character's development. Just like the character's parameters, skills are displayed at the character page and monitor your lord's skills in every faction. Skills are increased even in cases of defeat.

    Racial skills influence**:
  • combat characteristics of troops of the corresponding faction, ref. to the experience table;
  • damage dealt to you by representatives of this very faction - every skill level decreases the damage dealt by that faction to you by 3%;
  • unique racial abilities.
    **This list isn't full and is constantly extended.
    ***Some of these rules are currently canceled to let the players have more game freedom.
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