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Monkey 2016 strike and return

AuthorMonkey 2016 strike and return
How to meele and return? :D
Trying to work out the same thing, using shift to do melee hit, but it didn't work..
yup bcoz thay are shooter and shift works like a hit+stand
Maybe you have to run out of shots first?
12 shots? :D
Was about to ask the same question, lol.
Did you guys try holding the mouse button?
Funnily, hit and return with no retaliation, and shooting are exactly the same thing, except one of them uses up shots. The only major difference might be if the target is out of range, hit and return would do more damage then.

Btw I don't think admins have tried to work this out, the only other creature that has both of these abilities is the halloween pumpkin as far as I know, so it is very rare anyway.
^ The monkey has Range Penalty, though. So shooting is at best half as effective.
for Eternal Dusk:
No, if it is in range it does the same damage as melee, unless you have offence talents or +melee dmg from arts.
10# Hell no, you are wrong there.

Poisoners in Range do half the damages they do in Melee ;-)

A Shooter with Ranged Penalty makes 25% of his Damages outta Range, 50% inside and 100% in Melee (Coz Ranged Penalty implies No Melee Penalty).

BUT I think this Monkey is srsly bugged, coz it says it does same dmg in Melee and inside Range sometimes, which doesnt make ANY sense.
Those monkeys are useless.
the monkey is seriously bugged :/
horrible damage and no strike and return ability

or maybe the admins planned it this way?
No, it MUST be a Bug, since Shooter and Strike n Return deny each other when controlling that Unit (Coz Shift button).

MAYBE there is a Trick to Return even if the Unit is a Shooter, or maybe not. Either way, its weird and should have been written in the Announcement how to control a Shooter + Striker n Return Unit.

Still I like LWM.
it has absolutely 0 attack

unless its high on luck.

its abilities are of no use too.

not a good way to kick-start a year.
hope they do something about it..
Those monkeys are useless.

Nah, I place my death envoys behind the monkey and the evil goat attack the monkey first and I get to hit the goats. :D
Never played DE but they can move and attack without using strike and return ability, so I guess they do this by shift clicking.
for Skoczek:
You can't, unless you have a goat standing next to you, in which case you can just click the enemy you want to attack and the monkey will return.

Question answered, topic should be closed.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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