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Army of cold

AuthorArmy of cold
How do i fight the army of cold?
You should seen it upon clicking map but:
For all the characters from the third level will be available for 5 fights per day (attempts are not transferred) against Army cold. For the victory can be your reward: gold, armaments, a rare weapon of lowered durability, diamonds, a casket with a gift or an artifact from the store to your level. Modifiers are not working.
How do i fight the army of cold? you can't you have reach CL3 to see it...today is last day. time till 0.00
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // off topic]
for Poison Ivy:
today is last day. time till 0.00

Tomorrow is the last day to fight against the army of cold :) .Below is the quote from .RU forum announcement.

And by tradition from now until January 3rd inclusive Empire will be held festive events include the following .
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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