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Seduction removal

AuthorSeduction removal
I'm used to removing it with lorekeepers. Last battle, a guy told me it doesn't work with battlemagi. Is it true? Also, I know that wizzard hero with no holy talent failed, but knight with holy removed it.

How does it work? How can I tell if dispersion will work or not?
In the spell page: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=31
The effect is calculated as:
E=Base efficiency-([Caster SP]-[Disperser SP])*3%
where SP is the Lord's Spell power or creature tier.
In case of creatures, the tier is 1-7 for normal creatures, 2-8 for upgraded ones.

Meaning Temptresses, Lorekeepers, Battlemagi all has 5 "sp", so when using dispersion against each other, there's only the base efficiency left and for that, we need to know at what level the disperser is casting the dispersion.
This information for creatures can be found here: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=32
Magi uses dispersion at Advanced level (80% base) while Lorekeepers are at Expert (100% base), and Battlemagi is too new to be on that page.

- Lorekeepers will be able to completely wipe seduction from temptress off the target stack (100%)
- Magi will be able to reduce the effect duration by 77% (un-upgraded, 1sp lower than temptress)
- Lords/Ladies will be able to reduce some of it depending on talents and sp

Talent | minimum sp for 100% removal
no 25
basic 19 (99% with 18 sp)
advanced 12 (98% with 11 sp)
expert 5

Note this table is only for 5sp caster (temptress) if it's a dark magic from lord/lady, it will still be true if their sp is 5, otherwise, you will have to do the calculation again, just add/take away 3% for each difference in sp.

What you heard might just means that battlemagi doesn't cast dispersion at expert level. But magi is at advanced, so it's likely that battlemagi is also at advanced dispersion. IF that is true, it will disperse 80% from temptress seduction. An appropriate combat log will be able to determine if this is true :)
Dispersion seem to either completely remove it or not at all. When I tried to do it with no talent and 1 SP, it just told that I failed to remove any spell, instead of telling that spell duration has decreased.
Thanks for the detailed answer btw.
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