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Russian begging for a loan

AuthorRussian begging for a loan

This guy keeps messaging me in Russian and i have used a translator and it is him begging for a loan. I dont know what to do because i cant message him back because im not a high enough level and i cant put this in the complaints because im not a high enough level..

I dont even know why he keeps begging me because im not even a high enough level to transfer xD
He also sent me a link but i dont want to click it just in case..
His next message was "Hi, excuse me please, if distracting ... Do you happen to have the right not Persian? What would you give me? If you are hard ... Just do not write to the administration." Well it was in russian but i translated it..
Don't open the link. Maybe it is a phishing site.
Open one of the messages and choose "Delete and block author" - If he is spamming and begging you, just blacklist him. When you get to level 3, forward a message to "Insults" if you remember to do so.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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