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Problem with donating via PayPal

AuthorProblem with donating via PayPal
Unable to buy diamonds with PayPal
What specifically is the issue? Is the option not showing up? If the option is available in your country then it should be showing up under the Xsolla section.

Tried to buy buy 400 diamonds yesterday. Three times saw the same window. Tried to buy 200 diamonds just now but the same outcome. All the money gone from bank account but paypal shows that it will be refunded. Tried to contack xsola and they said that transaction looks suspicious but i using the same card all the time.
Do you purchase diamonds often? It may be that they do not want to allow you to donate in such great quantities. Fraud through paypal is easily achievable, so perhaps they are limiting you to a smaller number of diamonds. Which seems a bit frustrating. Best bet is to try and donate a smaller quantity and hope that this clears.
I donate for 200 diamonds every time when server gives extra diamonds or art per donations. was using same card to all paypal payments on ebay and lordswm. Anyway found alternative donating way threw skill. Just shame that extra 20% diamonds time is over
for velniukstis:
Try to write to the Dealer (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7), he deals with these issues.
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