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Faction - Ultimate Move


AuthorFaction - Ultimate Move
We are talking about a hero ultimate spell/action which can be applied only after set conditions are met, just once in the entire battle, kind of like this:

Tribal: Unbreakable Spirit - Creatures take 0 damage and 100% damage is directed to Tribal Spirit for 1 Turn.
Condition - (All alive creatures must have Tribal Spirit 500+)

Elf: Marked for Death - Critical Hits deal 400% damage for 1 Turn.
Condition - (After 3 hero turns)

Alt Elf: Power Surge - Max SP achievable increased to Double.
Condition - (Only one stack left alive)

Knight: Holy Light - Select Creature gets +1 Attack, +1 Defense, +1 Speed, +1 Initiative, +1 HP & Regeneration till the end of combat.
Condition - (Must be the last creature standing)

Alt Knight: Hero's Rally - Immediately following 2 creatures have a 100% chance of getting a morale burst.
Condition - (All alive creatures must be at less than 50% of their initial stack health)

So to keep things realistic, this Ultimate requires some specific set of conditions before it can be applied. Share your creative Ultimate Moves for factions! Cheers!
sounds highly gamekiller..

400% damage with crit for elf - instadeath for opponent XD

I wouldn't like it. But to remain in the moood:

Wizard: vengeful anger: for every dead allied creature, increase the next spell output by 1% (can be cast only after 50% of own stacks are dead)

BW: improbability: every dead stack has 50% chance to resurrect with 50% HP, and 50% chance to be totally consumed to restore mana at 50% of initial amount. Needs to have mana <5
I like the idea Tbh.

Reminds me of the "Desperation Moves" of some RPGs))
Good old times Xdd
Good idea but not so powerful especially the elf one 400% damage after only 3 hero turns compared to the alt elf where it has to be the last stack
Bw: Third eye wisdom - When hero casts a spell, a replica with 150% of the effect will hit any creature of the hero's army with the magnetism ability. No mana is spent for the replica.
Condition: Only mechanical creatures are "alive" (maybe there is a better word :P) in hero's army.

Wizard: Magical heaven - Teleport hero's army to the fourth dimension for 3 turns. They come back with +15% hp and +5 def.
Condition: Luck or morale befall enemy troops 8 times.

Dwarf: Cheater rune - Unlocks an extra rune which combines the effect of all the other runes.
Condition: All living stacks already used their rune. At least 3 stacks of the army are dead.
Some of the ideas are garbage. But i like their names "power surge" "marked for death" "third eye wisdom"... i wonder how they were inspired.
the game needs to be shaken up now its been the same for like 5yrs .. i mean battle wise

+ what about DE's mate ?
the game needs to be shaken up now its been the same for like 5yrs
But let me correct, its been the same since the beggining Lol, except for the Alt Factions.

I mean, we have the very same Talent Wheels since 2009.
Red Demon: Frenzy - all gated creatures can gate too - gating will now spawn a creature immediately
Condition: Frenzy will become active when all life creatures have gated and will remain active until any controled gated stack perishes.

Dark Demon: Doom - when casting a dark magic spell, first the mana of the target creature is used, then then mana of the target creatures controler, then the mana of the caster. Any dark magic spell cast will cast disruption ray as bonus.
Condition: at least 2 target enemy stacks must have full debuff (delay, confusion, curse, weakness and decay)
The red demon one seems a bit OP. :P

Classic necro - Life as a ghost - All remaining creatures will gain the "Ethereal" ability for 3 turns.
Condition - Apparition (ghost) stack(s) has perished completely and all remaining controlled troops have <50% HP left.

Unholy necro - Last stand - all perished stacks are raised (regardless if being stood on) for 20% of their total HP.
Condition - All stacks except 1 have perished and hero has no mana.
shadow barbarian : "fire age" - stack gets the ability to cast either one fire wall or one fireball, equivalent to 1SP per unit in stack. Condition: only ogres left in the army.

classic barb: "it's called progress" - hero hits now "explode" on any chosen tile, pushing back by one tile all enemies surrounding it and removing all accumulated initiative. Condition: more than 15 turns have passed since beginning of combat.

fury barb: "planned vengeance": accumulated spirit can be transferred to hero in form of mana. 10 spirits - 1 mana. Condition: all stacks still alive reached tribal lvl 2 (no matter if they are no longer, as long as they reached it during the battle).
yes, in theory the Red Demon one can fill the entire field with gates. However, the condition is quite difficult to meet.
let's just add: "and last breath talent will have no effect on gated creatures"

The real OP one here is the dwarf cheater rune, by the way.
Combine all runes... think about it...
yes, in theory the Red Demon one can fill the entire field with gates.

I remember talking with a friend about this.
I said: "If Tamer can Summon Gated Units infinite amount of times, why Demon cant? Lol".
"If Tamer can Summon Gated Units infinite amount of times, why Demon cant? Lol".

Because Tamer can't do that?
for Ipsen:
Summoning with hero isn't anything like gating. Its like the nature spell - spirit summon which been in game for long time. And if i am not mistaken, although tde summons are unique as creatures, they follow very same rules as the former.
14+15= question is now: if all tree-hugging nature casters can summon, creatures, then why can't demon hero summon anything?

i thought, in real life summoning is a typical demon thing.
.. because you know lots of demons, IRL?? XD

Honestly, the books rather say that demons are the summoned, not so much as the summoners. So it may just be that they can be called in, but can't call themselves.

Gating is like, "hey, party is here, door is open, everyone come in", thing, and once that "everyone" is in there, there's nobody else out of the door..
^he's always right :D
Hey this idea overall seems one which we can have an event with. We can have a PVE event with different abilities to test it out as usual and then followed by a PVP guild for battles with ultimate ability :)
These already exist (In the HOMM Universe)
I am changing a few words to match with LWM terminology
They are:

Tribal - ABSOLUTE RAGE - All Tribal creautres gain 500 points of Spirit at the beginning of combat.

Demon - Urgash's Call - Gating becomes instant.

Knight - Hero deals triple damage on Escort strikes.

Necromancer - Banshee Howl (a central talent not in game as of now) additionally reduces enemy morale by 6.

Elf - Nature's Luck - Units in hero's army have luck rolled on all attacks.

Dwarf - Absolute Protection - Normal attacks against units are unlucky, lucky attacks are normal. Absolute Protection and Nature's Luck nullify each other.

Warlock - Rage of the Elements - Elemental Chains (not an in-game mechanic, I doubt it will ever be) deal triple damage.

Wizard - Arcane Omniscience - All spells in existence are written into the Mage's book and can be cast at Expert Magic School level.

In the original game, the ultimate abilities could only be learned by mastering (6 talents per sector) 3 specific talent sectors + 3 faction specific talents leading to on average requiring a hero level of 23.

Elemental Chains mechanic: All units at the start of a battle are assigned a certain element (Fire, Air, Earth or Water) entirely randomly. The DE hero requires a talent to be able to view these Elements. On casting a Chaos Magic School Spell of the opposite type on the target stack (Fire<==>Water, Earth<==>Air), it deals bonus damage to the target stack.
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