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cavalry damage

Authorcavalry damage
i don't know if it is a bug or maybe i can learn something new from other players:

I often have situation that cavalry kills less enemy creatures than shown, maybe it shows "kills 21" and at attack kills 16 like in that battle


It wasn't any great problem for me yet, so i did not loose any battle because of that, but i just want to know about, as said, maybe learn something.

In above battle they where blessed at that attack (nearly at end), so did not show any kill range like "kills 16-21", but showed 21.
This only occurs with cavalry so maybe also can be bugged.
Do you know if this problem also arises with lizards? Might be something to do with how the defence reduction calculation is shown.

Similar how damage shows when you hit veterans is different than when you actually hit them
I hadn't that with other troops, but i would not wonder if it showed range kill x-y, but shows me exact number and then kills less.


In that battle i just made showed me "kill 10" at attack on ogres, as you see killed 8 at the end.
Cavalry deals more damage depending upon the no of tiles he moved.
Sometimes the damage meter shows that max dmg which he would do if he covered full 7 tiles i.e. his speed. ( I might be wrong though )
Same happens with my lizards sometimes..
can be explanation for that, but with lizards (and also with cavalry) the shown damage range differs with moving attack cursor on differnt fields at which position you attack. Also i cannot compare this, because usually never have lizards blessed at expert level, as i have on cavalry.
It is as #4 said.
Happens with troops whose damage changes depending on number of tiles moved.
This does not always happen, however sometimes does. One way to check whether it's happening or not is by moving cursor to another tile and seeing whether damage projected changes or not.
It has been a bug with my dreadbanes from the beginning, it always shows the half damage compared to the actual damage it deals. Happens with unicorns when I hit veterans too.
the damage calculator often get stuck in one condition when involving damage modificator based on tile covered (move ability)
@Eldric, I see the same problem with dreadbanes aswell, not sure why that is.
with dreadbanes i think it is because of that retribution strike, so only the normal damage is shown, but retribution damage not, which also is lesser to adjected troop.
happens all the time with lizards when i play as dark elf or when i hunt veterans. I think its the same flaw.
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