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Problem with Reload Pages in this game

AuthorProblem with Reload Pages in this game
I have very good internet connection...but almost the last 3 days i have problem with reload pages in this game, i cant insert code for working hourly, i wait almost 5 minutes to open 1 pages ...Please Help...i Love this game so much.
Have you tryed to clear history, caches etc.?
Already done that...clear history, cache, change browser, change internet provider, etc...but its still not working.
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same thing happen to me, has been cleared history, cache, but it doesn't work
try a ping to the server, this kind of issues is sometimes due to either a network problem or a bad setting in the routing.

You can't really do much about it if that's the case, unless you know of some fast proxies that you could connect to to force your route another way round.
so who can help on this issue? or what i can do from my side? i didn't encountered this issue all along this, until it happen 2 weeks ago and i didn't change my internet router or any setting recently, i just wonder how would this happen...
Im lagging like hell as well! Only when connecting to this game...Other website worked perfectly, loading youtube fast as always ..Just slow in here
your PC send a signal through several other computers, that relay that signal over to each other, until it reaches its final destination : It's the principle of networking.

Sometimes, the signal get lost, or one of the middle PCs is too busy to relay it.

Protocol are so made that after a given time, your PC will issue a new signal, when it does not have an answer for the one it sent. Eventually, middle PCs will draw a different route if there is an obstacle in the way (that is, if another of the middle PCs stops responding, for example).

Now, by this you can understand that if you only have one obstacle on your route, there is no big issue and the communication goes smoothly, albeit with some unseen errors.

But when the path to one machine gets cloggy, because several computers in one area of it delay their responses, or an alternate route is not to be found, then you may experience delays loading pages. Add to that some moment when server may get heavily loaded, and you should understand why sometimes the situation gets difficult.

It happens to me as well, sometimes, and there are moment when it may take 3-4 seconds for a page to load.

Of course, if the game was moved to a fastest server, placed in a wider area of the network (that is, a place with more connections to the internet middle PCs, that would allow to create more alternative paths), the problem may be solved.

But then again, if your entry point is badly positioned (think of a funnel), relatively to a given server, you may still experience the same issue.

That's why i suggested you to ping, to try and see by yourself what part of the path is generating the issue.

Remember that having a fast route to some server does not means you have a fast route to everything, just that for that specific path, you have found a decent route through middle PCs.

and to give an extreme example, when groups of hackers launch attacks on a web site, it's all the network that is sollicitated; so in those moment, if they walk on the same path as yours, you'll have big trouble connecting to some things, even if neither you nor the website you try to connect to were involved in the attack. Just an example.
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