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donate problem

Authordonate problem
i pay with paypal but error " Unfortunately we cannot process your payment at this time "

how to fix
Send a message to- https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7
Try some other payment method.
I'm try message him but no replay
I messaged dealer 4-5 months ago when i had the same problem with skrill and paypal. After trying with 2 different cards, the payment still did not process so i waited patiently for a response but that never happened.

its good they brought in apple pay. It works great and my diamonds come in instantly. If you have an iphone or other apple device you should use it instead.
i don't have iphone sad
I use bitcoins and diamonds come within 10 minus. Try that method.
ty for bitcoin but me region bitcoin not work

today i'm try use Instant Bank Transfer not sure work but i try ;D
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