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I cant hunt


AuthorI cant hunt
Any ideas why i can not hunt? and also the pirate raid..i got stuck at 76 atempt..but i wasn playing much so i thought it was some bug...

i dont see hunts at all....i can join other players hutns, i can do MG and thief hunts...

thanks for help
Do you have a script or Anything?
nope, nothing...tried in another browsers..the same
Have you got any pictures of the problem?

Try deleting cookies and cache too
Let the famous detective chikish take on this probl1.em..
1. Pls share a photo of you problem
2. U can manage life without hunts so dont get worried
3. try on some other device other than the pc or laptop u are using
4. People all call me sherlock holmes :P
5. Peace
^lmao this guys hilarious.
Any ideas who should i contact? I dont even have the hunt options...so no time, no options to attack etc.

And on other devices, also other browsers, also .ru site...all the same
contact Lexa he will help u :D
Can you show us some screenshots?
Wait a min i didnt ask a very imp point...
Are u sure that u dont have Myopia
Maybe u are not able to see the hunts ^^
^careful or you might get banned dude
i remember something similar happening to my multi some time ago
hunts just never appear for a few months but it came back after that.
dont remember exactly how long though
Contact lexa bro he will surely help ya
Or send us a pic link So we can figure out
As you've checked on other devices and browsers, and even on the .ru site, there is little anyone here could help with.

Get in touch with Lexa and describe your issue including what you've tried already. My guess is that some data regarding your account has somehow got into an invalid state and needs to be manually fixed in order for hunts to show up.
I think Lexa only understands Russian, so perhaps you can find a sympathetic (and English speaking) Russian to help you out.
Lexa uses translator i talk to him several times either translator or he know eng
If I recall correctly, I think Lexa was helping on the en server when it was separate, especially when Arctic wasn't around. I'm pretty sure he knows some English to help.
[Post deleted by moderator Corey // Error]
You should create a topic in the the Problems and Errors section.

Enter https://www.lordswm.com/map.php?action=skip into your browser.

Wait for 20 minutes - don't leave the area you are in.

No box will appear to tell you how long until you have a new hunt, but a new hunt should appear after 20 minutes.
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Problems and errors (general)".
it doesnt helps :(
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