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Such a thing as "Flood" Crime exists in LWM? Serious

AuthorSuch a thing as "Flood" Crime exists in LWM? Serious
I wanted somebody's opinion about this.
It has been happening for a while now very very often, and it pisses me off (Dont know if this slang expression is rude english, sorry if it is, dont mean to.)

... You know, when Im playing, some of my friend spectate/watch the battle and comment it, or we may even talk about whatever RL issue affecting us nowadays (Work/Studies, whatever) in Chat.
Friends would play their battles, then I would watch and do the same (Speak about whatever the issue important at that moment).

... And Im seeing very often now, that enemies would say
- Stop flooding
- Its rude
- I can report you, you'll get a big fine
Of course, they can Spam and nothing happens... But not when I do.

I would tell them "Dude, there is a Mute Button SPECIFICALLY for situations like this, Admins did it for that, man", but they wont/wouldnt care.

In my last battle, my enemy (Which I beat) would kick my friend with threats of reporting if he kept speaking, but then he would Spam the chat with his own friend.
I would tell him, and he says "Yes, but Im not speaking in Chinese, like you, this is a Russian game" (Btw I just reported this guy for rude ways).

I do not want this to turn into a Racism issue thread, since I dont think it has to do with that, but Im getting the "Flood" discussion very often in battles, when there is a button for that.
When Russians would Spam in Cyrylicc letters, I dont care at all, Im playing, who cares about what they say.

Do you actually care?
Is this in the rules as "Crime", or whatever?

For me "Flooding" has always been typing silly nonsense, like ":))9 ug9gyf9wegfqa0fwhef XD ajfpiawehfpwe", but we always speak about "Meaningful" stuff in Chat.
I dont know, it just bothers me that they'd tell me off about something like this in battles, makes no sense at all.

Again, I repeat:
Admins put a Mute Public/Audience Chat button just for that, it really makes no sense.
And you know what? I bet I'd get fined 100% sure if they really get to report it, because it just happens like that, yet it has no sense at all...

Whatever, thanks in advance...
Flood in battle and tavern (repetitive messages not related to combat; messages not carrying any sense; messages that complicate reading the battle chat).

That is what the player is referring to. That is drawn from here: https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7373

I agree with you, I think that as long as you are having a sensible conversation, that is not stopping the battle chat from being able to be read, you should be able to talk as much as you like! Unfortunately, the Keepers won't necessarily see it that way :(
but then he would Spam the chat with his own friend.

Why did you not just press the mute button?
As far as I know the language doesn't matter.
Come on, Meshy.

What bothered me is he not chatting (God, who cares).
What bothers me is he threatening with reporting, then he doing the same.
Then defending himself with nonsense (And Imo "Childish") arguments.
for Meshy:
I guess he wants to point out their hypocrisy.

for Ipsen:
You can talk to your friend in a battle, no one can stop you. Just keep those talks about RL less and talk more about the combat. Let them complain, don't worry you will be fine. Even if like Corey said, keepers fine you or your friends for this, you can always file a case at aki-hwm.ru. They are really sensible people and look into the matter carefully before taking decisions.
I am pretty sure the rule about chat flood was made before the chat filter was made, so I don't know how well it applies today.

I can understand if someone isn't comfortable with outsiders suggesting you what to do in the battle, but if it is something that doesn't affect the battle, and can be easily filtered out using the button, there is no reason to complain about it.

I often use that filter when needed and it helps, if someone doesn't use it then it's their problem.
Consider a case where I have to keep the common chat on because someone is gonna appear soon.
But I do not like the chit-chat of other players or it is making problems in reading the battle damages.
What shall be done in such case?

I think there should be an introduction of another button where the chat would be shown to a specific party/player when talking to an outsider.
i would say ignore them...

if you are chatting, then its fine...
no one will be penalized..

only Spamming is forbidden
As long as it's really only a chat and no excessive spamming you should be fine.

Unfortunately I don't know how the russian keepers handle it. There are many weird rules in this game :/
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