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Game clone in Monogame

AuthorGame clone in Monogame
I'm not sure if this fits or if it's even allowed to be posted but I thought it was relevant to this forum at least. I went ahead and made a "clone" of the game. I.e remade it myself with the help of programming, I thought it'd be fun to showoff the result :)

Not sure how links are allowed but I made a video of it:

If allowed I wouldn't mind uploading it for people to download(would obviously send the source code to a moderator to inspect)
good job :)
that really looks like a clone, of a clone, of a clone of a clone of a clone.. of the game.

Well, you know what, it's a start XD
Really interesting work! Keep it up ;)
keep going! great work!
Nice work! If you wrote it well, you can open source it (like put it on GitHub) and include your github profile in your CV.
keep going
haha, its a good start. The thing that cracked me up was ogres attack animation. That was ridiculous.. it was like he was having a seizure.. and the design of the units and battlefield squares was iffy. Anyway, you can gradually improve things one by one.
Thanks for the feedback everyone, yeah obviously the art could use some help :) but again I'm not an artist for a reason rather a programmer :D I implemented all the code for a Dark Elf with shrews and minotaurs though I didn't feel like making the art so I'll take a break from the project for a while now I think
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