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Enroll issue - I am no robot

AuthorEnroll issue - I am no robot

After enrolling X times and I should get my "I am no robot" check, the enroll page is taking ages to load.
Once it is loaded it is not showing the tick box
screenshot: http://dcdn.lordswm.com/photo-catalog/0001614/630-d9e3ac48.jpg

I tried several browsers on my PC (chrome, edge, IE, firefox), chrome on iphone

But the only thing that seems to work (so far) is Puffin on my android phone.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
What could be the reason?
Anybody has a solution?
Sorry, wrong subforum. Should be Technical support I guess.
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Technical support".
Are you in China?
Great firewall blocks the Google captcha.. have to use a vpn which is what puffin does.
OK, thanks for the help.
closed by Viod (2018-03-25 01:43:50)
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