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Mercenary Ashiwment

AuthorMercenary Ashiwment
Hi Guys..I would like to ask about mercenary achiwment...how to get them and about what is depends will you get him or not (fastest kiling time or what). I buy miror of change for that and i kill so fast but still didn get any of achiwment..
From your description, it sounds like you are talking about the achievements for your profile or from this page here, https://www.lordswm.com/plstats_merc.php

If this is the case, then it is not about speed. You'll need to beat the current record. For example, if the record for Level 14 Elf is Barbarians, dark elves - invaders {14}, you need to beat Barbarians, dark elves - invaders {15} to get the new record and achievement.

There are records for every type of mercenary battle and I recommend you check out the records at the link (https://www.lordswm.com/plstats_merc.php) or by going to Top Players > Top Mercenaries.
So it is not about speed...then i buy miror of change for nothing ? :)
for Bljuc:
Correct it is not about the speed. The mirror of change is helpful if you want to complete Mercenary Quests faster, but the auto-battle might not help against some of those harder quests, where you need a little strategy to beat the quest.
For Bljuc: Take into account that the record will not be permanent. If someone else will beat your score, you will lose your record. Same goes for hunting records except for the New Year's event of hunting Chinese horoscope creatures (e.g. Evil Rooster 2017).

Good luck.
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