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CG fsp/exp is this high??

AuthorCG fsp/exp is this high??

9827 exp for 12.91 fsp. I have ABC but still this is way higher than I expected. Is this normal?
Yes, this update came like almost 2 months before.
what update?
no announcement came but they changed fsp/exp ratio for CG battles
Wait till you try clan PvP :D If his ratio seems good xD
Wait till you try clan PvP :D If his ratio seems good xD

I got like 6k xp and about 4 fsp
Can someone share fsp/exp ratio for duels and 2vs2? I wonder if it's this high because it was 3vs2.

for shubhamgoyal:
I just checked one of yours, they seem pretty good too but not this good hehe ^^
Duel is lesser ratio than group and here you got better yet because you faced higher level than you.

Actual 2v2 ratio also depends on if you are higher or lower level of the team (better be teamed up with lower levels).
for Slust:
I see, I remember getting better fsp/exp in mixed tourneys when I was the highest level.
So in conclusion, I got higher fsp/exp because 1) I was highest lev in my team, 2) my team had 3 players, and 3) My direct enemy was higher level.

Interesting, but nonetheless, CG is more tempting to play now!
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