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BB arts

AuthorBB arts
Why do i get Beast Bane arts so less in hunts?

Even when I'm HG 7.
you just got to hg7 meaning you have barely played any hunts at this guild level and HG6 is pretty low for sure to be getting many bb arts.
The probability of looting after a successful hunt is
(3 + [Hunters' Guild Level])%

So in your scenario, the probability of looting an item is 10%. Or roughly one in ten successful hunts.

But which item of those for which you qualify is also random and probably (because I don't have a source for this) equal among all items that you can loot.

So you, as a HG7, have an equal chance of looting any of the Hunter, Master Hunter, Greater Hunter, and Beast Bane.
(3 + [Hunters' Guild Level])%

Oh nice , I didn't had an idea , that exists a formula for this :)

Thank you VV & DS :)
closed by chikish (2018-06-10 21:00:36)
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