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[Event] Smugglers


Author[Event] Smugglers
Key points-

1) 7 days, 10 battles per day
2) 2vs2 format
3) TG points on winning
4) Imperial boots - https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=imp_boots
This just keeps getting better and better....
Finally an event while I'm active :P =D
Those boots looks awesome
Wow, these boots are absolutely brilliant
That was quick
Can't post google translated version because of a unparlimentary word...
Damn it, I'm on holiday
Shop arts or any arts?
Dwarf could be really good at event
Shop arts or any arts?
Just checked, its shop arts only.
I shall paraphrase the official announcement's combat briefing:

1) All Heroes from the 5th combat level are allowed to participate with shop arts, enchantments do not work.
2) Ambush will occur in a 2v1 style (2 players vs 1 AI) and the battle will begin immediately after the pair is formed.
3) According to available information, caravans are guarded by the combined armies of local and nomadic robbers.
4) Interceptions of caravans will be carried out by combat pairs by organizing ambushes.
5) Points of activity will be awarded (similar to Crystals of Time from PoT event) which can be used to improve troop parameters (also like CoT) for fights.
6) The number of points (of activity) awarded depends on the difficulty level of the fight. Initially, there are five levels of difficulty: from 1 to 5 - you can start with anyone. At the passage of the 5th level, the hero will be available 10 levels of difficulty - from 1 to 10. At the passage of the 10th level, the hero will be available levels from 5 to 15, etc .;
7) During the whole operation, you can win only thrice at one level.
8) The combat operation will last for 7 days , until July 10 inclusive (+2 days of complete cleansing of the imperial roads from the bandit smuggling, until July 12 inclusive );
9) No more than 10 interceptions can be organized per day, unused attempts are carried forward the next day.
10) With a successful interception of the caravan, there is a chance to get artifacts from the creatures and elements of the guild of mercenaries. Also for each victory over the caravan, you will be awarded points for Rangers' Guild or Thieves' Guild (depending on which is your currently active guild I assume).
11) You can pair up with someone from your friends' list
12) The Empire will generously reward the Heroes who gained the most points of activity.

Also, new Imperial Artifact, Boots.

Victory at 5th level: +1 part
Victory at 10th level: +2 parts
Victory at 15th level: +3 parts
Victory at 20th level: +4 parts
Victory at 25th level: +5 parts
Victory at 30th level: +6 parts

An additional (upto) 30 parts will be awarded at the end of the event taking into account each players' personal contribution to the success of the operation.

Super easy
Level 4 - looks like difficulty goes up fairly quickly, though I am in green arts

I take that back - level 5

This event is perfect for elves , i cant see Aurelija complaining about this one :P
, i cant see Aurelija complaining about this one :P

I think elves will end up being too fragile towards end. :P
I think elves will end up being too fragile towards end. :P

Then you switch to TDE
Why are elves going to be fragile towards end?
Why are elves going to be fragile towards end?

Amount of army increase, and its easy to kill elf troops
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