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[Event] Smugglers


Author[Event] Smugglers
looking for a knight with combat lv 14-17 team with me.
Any CL 7 for teaming up with me?
Shadow barb + holy too strong!
^level 17 btw
With a successful interception of the caravan, there is a chance to get artifacts from the creatures and elements of the guild of mercenaries
Is this really truth? I mean elements reward. I haven't seen any yet
Was just reading this and in 15 battles I allways got only arnaments.
I got moonstone and windflower.
I'm a knight :)
Is this really truth? I mean elements reward. I haven't seen any yet
The elements dont show once the battle has ended, but they just appear on your character page
Victories / Combats: 13 / 20
Total points: 1510, available: 79
5 losses for me today :(
Victories / Combats: 20 / 20
Total points: 1249, available: 43

I play just for farming TG / FSP. Doing 2 battles / level, so I can get to level30.
interesting fact: tavern luck works. my lucky (lvl 7) combat:
first loss :D i believe a red demon shouldnt be allowed. but nice event i think just a little challenging :D
I should share a strategy permades can use. Works really well with Ironroot Treefolk. Abuse Take Roots ability. The only thing that counters it are no retaliation, fear and chaos.
Take out enemy casters, non retaliating units ( shrews, hydras, sprites), and as much shooters as you can. Overbuff an ironroot treefolk of a defensive elf Stoneskin, bless, chastice, EVASION AGAISNT RANGED, put it somewhere it can be surounded and defend. It will have something like 130 defense (if not more) and thus enemies will tickle it and it will retaliate back on every attack.

This trick often won me thief battles. With no overbuffing tho since I didnt want to fully commit to this, because casters absolutely nullify this.

Any one care to try it with me?
Tip- Don't rush to 19th lvl fast :p
CL difference is affecting difficulty too. Isn't it correct?
wel u need lv 30 for the max amount of parts while i wasnt able to pass lv5 yet getting ass kicked at lv 3/4/5 lol

i suuggest the ones making those events latly lay of the wodka :)
Hi All. Any strategy to kill Tengu fast?

My team lost lost mainly due to it. Its very strong in all aspects. :(

I won level 11 by the skin of my teeth- can't imagine how to proceed further
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