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[Event] Smugglers


Author[Event] Smugglers
for KnightRage:

Commit shooters to Tengu at least to the point you can one shot it with something strong melee wise. Dont try to fight it in melee in their full numbers. Their retail is "broken strong" :)

In this particular fight you could shoot them before mistresses. Monks could deal a lot of damage from close with no penalty..
I'm stuck at lv 8!

I tried to change faction, I tried to change sets, I tried to change strategy, but nothing ...

Bye bye lv 30!
Have you tried dominion of fire mage?
yes, but it needs too many spell power and I lose too many attack power
Shadow barb is strong if you have castle built for barb
With upgrades, think about what to prioritise first.

For some iniative is crucial to get first hit in (dwarves significantly) this can proportionally give more of an impact than any of the others.

recruit will not give much until certain points, then almost nothing thereafter. For example 1 % will give one extra unit from a stack of 50, though 2% will give no more.

However getting to 5% with a stack of 10 will give one extra, which for something like involjers etc is well worth it. Therefore probably best not to put anything more than 1 % into ini till you are ready to boost it to the next level. By comparison attack and defence will always be useful.
Anyone know from what day boot parts will be available in the market? No chance I'm gonna even pass level 10 at this rate..
No one can sell anything till they cross lvl 30.You will have to wait for till the end of the event.
Shadow Barb is good but I find it best when paired with a holy magic user
Tribal + DD is good cuz lucky noob is already at level 24
I would think it is not worth selling till people actually need them to complete the set. As such not till the last event really
I've got a good strategy but I need a knight, anyone interested?
am a lv 19 when i create a game and a lv 14 joins it is at lv3 a 100% loss gow in the name of jesuz am going to get to 10 not to mention 30

ask for a bit of common sense at least raise the cap that can join lv 19 to 17
I agree the range is too large in what levels are grouped. It seems bad enough for me with 17 and 14, cannot imagine how bad that is. On the flip side I know RR has teamed with prozyk which isv18 and 14. Perhaps reduce the level range for random matchups, but keep the same for friends or clans
just created a 5lv game a lv 21 joined no chance have shadow barb fs lv 13 and equiped the best arties and still no chance

It seems that the AI assumes that it is fighting two opponents of the higher level
Play with clan mates then?
Lawton is that you?
no i know lawton he is away for a period
He learnt finally :p
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