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Event Portal of Time


AuthorEvent Portal of Time
Could someone translate please because im too lazy :)
Streams of time store a lot of secrets. Some know is not so difficult - it is enough to know "when". Others are hidden so deep, as though purposely concealed beyond the understanding of mortals. But there is nothing impossible - this was one of the main principles of the work of the court mage Abu Bekr. Thus, having completed the long interpretation of the ancient calendar, the sorcerer closed one more chapter of the process of studying the manuscript entrusted to him by the supreme priestess. Now this was already the concern of the guild of astrologers, and the magician could direct the liberated forces and time to conquer even larger peaks hidden behind new heads. The ideal moment for repeating one of the most audacious experiments with the portal of time.

Heroes, court magician Abu Bekr informs about the opening of the next time portal. Anyone from the 5th level can join the scientific expedition in the past to protect it from the aggression of local inhabitants. The main thing - remember that travel to the past can have irreparable consequences in the future, and try not to make mistakes!

Features of the time portal:
1) The expedition will start tomorrow at 7:00 on July 20;
2) Journey into the past can make all the Heroes from the 5th combat level in the artifacts from the store. Modifiers do not work;
3) The selected skills, abilities and abilities of the factions do not work, and in battle you can not take your army and use learned spells;
4) In combat, you can recruit only those creatures that were found in the enterprises of the Empire and their improvement . For the set, crystals of time are needed. The minimum required for the passage through the portal of 250 crystals will be issued to all comers;
5) Beings in the army can be combined in any way, while they can belong to either a single faction or to different factions;
6) When recruiting creatures from different factions, the fighting spirit is reduced, but the "Hall of Unity" building avoids this penalty;
7) To unlock magical spells, you need to make a corresponding improvement to the portal. At the same time, all spells of all schools are opened at the maximum level.

Features of the search for creatures:
1) The search for creatures is available today!
2) Creatures are hiding in all the enterprises of the Empire. The location of creatures for heroes of different combat levels is different;
3) Exactly at midnight of each day, the location of the creatures changes;
4) The search for creatures is available at the enterprises of the Empire and takes a certain time, after which they can be attacked;
5) The battle will take place in a new format against the found creatures and their leader;
6) With each new search, the search time will increase. If you win, the search time will be reset to the original one;
7) Defeated creatures will instantly be available for dialing in the portal of time;
8) For the victory over creatures, +0.2 points of the Hunters Guild and the magic stone of this creature will be issued;
9) Having typed a certain number of magic stones of a certain creature, it can be improved from two to four times;
10) The last improvement will open access to a special being that can not be found in the vast expanses of the Empire;
11) The number of wins over creatures is limited and can not exceed 20+ [the number of fights in the portal] * 7.

The combat briefing and the objectives of the expedition:
1) The expedition will start tomorrow at 7:00 on July 20;
2) Battles with the defenders of the past will take place in the format 1 on 1 ;
3) For the victory over the enemy you can get artifacts of creatures, elements of the guild of mercenaries, artifacts with reduced strength, as well as some crystals of time;
4) The number of crystals obtained depends on the level of combat complexity. Initially, there are five levels of difficulty: from 1 to 5 - you can start with anyone. At the passage of the 5th level, the hero will
4) The number of crystals obtained depends on the level of combat complexity. Initially, there are five levels of difficulty: from 1 to 5 - you can start with anyone. At the passage of the 5th level, the hero will be available 10 levels of difficulty - from 1 to 10. At the passage of the 10th level, the hero will be available levels from 5 to 15, etc .;
5) During the whole campaign you can win only 3 wins at one level;
6) The favorable location of the stars in the sky will last only 8 days until July 26 inclusive (+2 days for the end of combat, until July 22 inclusive );
7) Abu-Bekr guarantees the return of all Heroes from the past, but imposes a restriction on 12 journeys per day. Attempts are piling up (the maximum number of fights is 96 );
8) The Empire will generously reward the Heroes who collected the greatest number of crystals.

And in order to emphasize the special importance of this expedition, the personal successes of each Hero will be further encouraged by parts of a special artifact:

Imperial Boots

for the victory at the 5th level of difficulty: +1 part;
for the victory on the 10th level of difficulty: +2 parts;
for the victory on the 15th level of difficulty: +3 parts;
for the victory on the 20th level of difficulty: +4 parts;
for the victory on the 25th level of difficulty: +5 parts;
for the victory on the 30th level of difficulty: +6 parts;

as well as up to 30 parts according to the results of the award, taking into account the personal contribution of each to the success of the expedition.

In the presence of 100 parts will be able to collect from them a full-fledged artifact. This artifact can not be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred to repair or to install modifiers.

Distribute crystals
Explore or improve found creatures
Find or share information about the location of creatures
Join the application for travel to the past

Successful battles against the defenders of the past!
please post your finds here!!!!!!!!!
Commander, I didn't expect it to be that close
Dwarven ursuary
Tamed whywerns
in case you can take look at .ru forums for troops
What if we defeat same creature twice?
Need some serious teamwork for this not to be a pain in the neck. Anyone happy to put a spreadsheet together or link one in from .Ru, to translate? I am searching through portal ruins so will be able to provide all of them
Defeating creature again gives you extra gemstones, which can be used for creature upgrade
should we post in tournament forum or here ?
we need threat for every level.
for Expert_BOT:
you get essences.
check all recruiting page for pot
im interested in prices of creatures so i can build better army.
Kk thanks
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