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Event Portal of Time


AuthorEvent Portal of Time
Ok I hunted orcs three times, got three essences, and managed to upgrade to orc chiefs. Which were 5 for 12 cots. This is a roundabout way of getting upgrades.

Basically means that we have to think about our troops more carefully...
I thought we could choose between orc chiefs,shamans......
So far I have upto Cerberi, Searing Horses, Invokers (and 2 outta 5 for ultimate), Cyclop Kings for use in battle
as if playing event wasnt expensive enough now u have to find and fight cretures 1st?
Mostly you wouldn't need weapons
You can fight without min AP? No..
To find the right map co-ordinate when all you have is for example titans valley W1 easiest way I have found is to use the flash version of map to find which clan owns that facility, then you can look at that clans facilities to get a link to it. Then can search.
for Lord MilesTeg:
The tables include the id of the facility. Go to a random facility and replace its id in the address path.
It does for the cl16 I don't think it did for the cl 17
Ok, I have 22 victories over creatures. But now I cannot hunt for anymore.
Get this message:

Warning! You may not capture the discovered creatures at the moment. First, wage battle in the Portal of Time!

Am I doing the math wrong?? Seems like I should be able to keep fighting to find essence.

11) The number of wins over creatures is limited and can not exceed 20+ [the number of fights in the portal] * 7.

What am I missing??
Oh wait, i think i get it. Once I start battling in the Portal, i will get more creature attacks. "the numer of fights in the portal" must mean actual battles. Not battles that are yet to be fought.
i changed the english spreadsheet and added a drop down for the locations and IDs in the "creature" table. it should be easier now to add the locations each day. the lines after the basic creature are for the upgrades and their costs.
you can choose a location and type the id in the next field...hope it makes sense.

sorry for double post: the drop-down list works only for 1 combat level so we should copy it to all the levels...but i m on work now
nice work :) i'll copy for CL 11
by the way, each monster can be found on multiple facilities so maybe duplicating the column location and id might make it better ^^
I've updated the cost for all creatures. It would be nice to get the list updated for upgrades too because some upgrades look less interesting to me. Also please let me know (PM) if some COT costs are wrong, I made the list from what I saw on .ru but some costs are wrong (but I couldn't check them all myself).
Good work,thanks to all who made it possible!
The sheet for CL 11 is ready to be used for the event :D
it just need the cost and name for the creatures which will be filled as it goes on

Slust you can check the cost with this sheet, all of the cost were found by me and a few others of CL 11 ^^

You can normally reuse it for any level :)
for WolfDeath:
Oh right thanks, I filled the sheet after CL 22 but there are other sheets with the list.
Has anyone upgraded any unit to the ultimate level? (5 essence thing?)
Has anyone upgraded any unit to the ultimate level? (5 essence thing?)
I found this one on .ru forum: https://www.lordswm.com/army_info.php?name=mega_thane&crc=f820c74a
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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