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Lava dragons I guess
for General Zod:
Is there an English list for CL16?
Can anyone sugest me an army? around lvl 15. The demons just keep tearing me a new one... Their tier 7 combined with expert luck and cold blade is so unfair that 2 of them is enough to kill me...
personally I am struggling against necro, only lost to them and no one else. think I need some lizards to do soe damage against their top tiers
Same, 2 losses against necro. Spinners + reviving + those spirits is a loss almost from the start.
Ok but HOW am I supposed to WIN this...

This is beyond unfair...

for Aurelija:
Wow, very hard to win that battle. What lvl was it?
for SirM0rphius:
Same level of difficulty (20) very different outcomes


Clearly I need to adapt my army against necro, not sure what their weakness is though. I would presume they need to be rushed so that their raise is less efficient. perhaps using undead and elementals so witches less effective. Anyone had consistent success against them?

Losses hit you hard really, basically got the same points as random1 who has not lost one I think, though I have won 5 levels higher. Too many losses. Tactics of how much to push the levels, which I am happy with, except my necro vulnerability.
Wow, very hard to win that battle. What lvl was it?

15 or 16
for Slust:
for SirM0rphius:

Thanks mate! :)
CL18 US:(posting IDs of mines)

379 Invaders
380 Hellhorses
378 Genies
376 Tribal Cyclops
375 Elven Bowmen
374 Griffins
371 Hydras
372 Vampires
366 Swordsmen
373 Death Envoys
377 LizCav
369 Cavalry

364 Ghosts
370 LizCav
365 Ents
363 Magi
Eagles Nest

119 Unis
97 Twilight Dragons
98 LizCav
101 Vamps
95 Demons
120 LizCav
140 Imps
139 Treefolk
349 Ghosts
227 Spearmen
244 Gremlins
265 Hydras
286 Giants
94 Wolf Riders
307 Cyclops
328 Wolfhounds
Okay so everyone is reaching generally avg lvl 15-20 by the 2nd day ?
Can anyone tell me what would dreadbanes translate to from Russian ?
for kulala:
for Santremus:
Are you sure ?
I even searched for Thanes in yesterday's threads.. didn't found a single one.
anyway, link with the links for max level of each creature:

It has .com names and links now
Ohk Thanks :)
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