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Ok so far I am having great success with 4 hydras, they are just too tanky and they hit everything. Especialy great hydras, a stack of 22 of em is near unstoppable, and acid blood also really hurts them. But then again, I am noob at this event :/
I would expect that to go well, get mega sphinx as well to go with it, better than your basic hydra but does the same job really
Problem with large creatures is archers in the corners. A real pain to lure them out. Probably should get some small units as well to reach them.
I've gone for brawlers and invaders for that job, often used wolfhounds as well, though not tried them, commanders may be cheap enough for it as well and seem popular.
where is the spreadsheet for level 11 for todays date guys ?

my last battle today
They always kill my paladins :(
Great twilight dragons: www.lordswm.com/army_info.php?name=mega_shadowdragon&crc=16a64383
link correction : https://www.lordswm.com/army_info.php?name=mega_shadowdragon&crc=16a64383
for FredySky:
how did you get that dragons?
Probably should get some small units as well to reach them.

Thats where Great Forest Keepers come in. Right now, my setup looks like this.

4 stacks of hydras, (14-16 for regulars, 22 for great)
66 great forest keepers
120 dryads.
I split dryads in 2 and place them on their first turn in enemy melee range.
All the shooters focus them and so does melees sometimes, which I then hit with hydras while also getting closer to enemy, at the same time I place GFK out of anyones range and block shooters with it. Large shield prevents them from being shot down.

Once hydras reach backline its game over.

Tomorrow when I get next turn, I am gonna see how cost effective great elven bowmen are (replaced classic hydras with them).

Thanks for the tip to use sphynx, gonna try and unlock them next.
for legend-bouc:
Farm their essence gems at the facility
Go check at the Russian site for their location and some extra effort
I see a ton of players having difficulty with necro. So let me just say one strategy I have found to be effective in the past.

Take mana destroyers or mana thieves. They have very high initiative, so you can steal or destroy the enemy mana supply before they get a chance to raise.

If your enemy turns out to be pure might, keep them all in one stack.

If your enemy is necro or mage, split them up to maximize the ability to steal or destroy.
Does anyone know how mobility works ?
I have great cylocps :

but if i move i cannot shoot...
for -Cip-:
Are you using flash or html version?
I find Arch devils and Unfettered cyclops and tribal goblins are decent troops for POT

the reason why is
Unfettered cyclops can shot using goblins and whenever he get hits he regenerate by eating goblins so he's also arch devils can summon pit fiend whenever one of your troops dies then I use the pit fiend to decrease the powerful enemy defense and he get a huge amount of damage after that and if you add luck to your stats you will do great
Is it worth to get temptresses?
for FearMyArmy:
use paladin to cure so u dont waste cyclops move
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