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about "[Update] direct link to potion of oblivion on character page"

Authorabout "[Update] direct link to potion of oblivion on character page"
I found this old announcement. Do I understand right that should be now a button in the character page ("home.php") to directly dump parameters without using the "Dump parameter" button in the potions page in the art shop?

If yes, where is this button? Sorry maybe I am blind but I cannot find it anywhere in the character page...
P.S. the original thread was:

There must be a Reset button below your Knowledge parameter.
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Queries and help".
Ok but there is none for me...
I searched for the text "reset" (assuming that this reset button has this text in it) through the HTML source code of the page, but it is not there.

I am using Firefox, can it be the reason?

P.S. Sorry for the wrong forum. Somehow I intended to have a follow-up on the original thread, which was on General... but you are right this one is more suitable
There's supposed to be reset written right bellow knowledge book indeed which is clickable link. Not related to firefox since I use it.
You might be too low a level, I know there is some minimum level to see it but unsure what exactly.
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