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Best grup battle faction

AuthorBest grup battle faction
Hey, I was wondering who would be a great group battle faction. I'm playing a DE and I think that DE mage would be better than dammage one...
Shadow barb is really good.
If you plan to play mixed , and seeing that u just have DE, go with magic DE with DoF)))
I posted a lot of topics lately, I just hope that i dont bother anyone xD are rings only items that empower spells and does it stack (if you have 10% more air damage on both rings, do you get 20% more damage or it stays on 10%)?
They should stack
Would be 21% extra
for god_mom:
I wouldnt recommended playing group battles. Complete CG trial and play CG
And one more question... When you enchant staff and scroll, do you get better magic or melle damage.
Staff buff troops, scroll buff magic.
Who's better in group battle: DE or the other one?
its hard to say, but i agree with this

I wouldnt recommended playing group battles. Complete CG trial and play CG

DD or dark barb are favourites because they can adapt to most situations with their dark magic.

mage DE is not so good now, so personally i wouldn't recommend it for the simple fact if you face a dwarf (highly popular) or elf then you are dead... basically weak to any quick faction.
I noticed that dwarf is extremly overpowered right now... but still, any class with shooter can easly kill my main source of power (sherws). how do i fight agains that?
for your level is tough, later you get witches which can confuse shooters making them much weaker
for god_mom:
dark elf always has a hard time dealing with shooters even at higher levels. But things get better with dragons and witches who make it somewhat harder for opponents to kill you easily.
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