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Give creature abilities funny slogans!


AuthorGive creature abilities funny slogans!
Ones that represent exacly what the ability does.

Onset - A better wait! Its like waiting, BUT BETTER!
Lizard charge - Defense? What defense?
Fullmetal - Lizard charge? What lizard charge?
Lava shield - Stop hitting yourself!
Magma shield - No seriously, stop hitting yourself..
Aimed shot - Defense? What def...oh wait.. (Frontier ursay laughing from a distance)

Lizard Assault - ANOTHA ONE
Venom - Poison.... BUT BETTER!
Telekinesis - Get over here!!!
Incorporeal - Oh you are about to get a lucky attack? It would be a shame if it... missed...
Shooter - pew pew
Did you borrow that one from Ipsen? xD
Shooting penalty - Duffer from shooting academy
No retaliation - How was that uhuh?
Unlimited retaliation - Try harder next time
Wild reflex - Try more... LOL
No range penalty - You can run but you can't hide
Cover ally ( protector's ability ) - Anything for ya bro! kill me instead
Strike and return = Catched You, You are the pliers!
Double shot - pew pew pew pew
Cover ally ( protector's ability ) I got your back bro.

Double shot - pew pew pew pew Made me laugh :D
^so much ipsen
Double shot - Shooter..... BUT BETTER
Madness - I love cannabis
Dont know if it counts as ability but whatever

Rune of retribution - You get a hit, and you get a hit, EVERYONE GETS A HIT
Demonic - But wait, theres MORE!
Invisibility - Im John Cena
More like
Invisibility - Omae wa mou shindeiriu
you are already dead?
Don't get it either tbh.
Its kind of a meme related to fighting animes. A line populary said by this character


The line became a meme being said together with a situation where something teleports or appears behind someone (or is about to literaly destroy or already destroyed someone with a delayed reaction)
Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MW0mDZysxc

When you attack someone out of invisibility, you appear behind them, so I thought the meme would fit :D
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