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cheater spotted

Authorcheater spotted
i have spotted a dwarf that used runes without skillpoints...
that's the link to the combat, i fought him thinking he didn't have runes but not only did he use runes without skill he also confessed he is a cheater.
he spoiled my record.
i seek help.
Skill potion for Dwarf faction till 2018-09-13 00:39

Lol. I suppose the confusion is normal, since you are "New" (I think?).

He has an effect on, that allows him to play as if he had higher FSL.
Its very normal/usual to see people with Potion of Skill, not weird at all.
i seek help.

seek and thou shall find!

As the others already said, he used a skill potion and that's no cheating at all. Ppl use it often when they play another faction than their main.
When he said he is a cheater, he was just kidding ^^
closed by Magier (2018-09-06 22:21:03)
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