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lvl 3 necromancer only 8 ghosts

Authorlvl 3 necromancer only 8 ghosts
How is this fair? Why can every other faction recruit more than 10 tier 3 units at this level but necromancers are stuck with 8 incredibly fragile ghosts, whose bright idea was this? I cant do jack with 28 zombies because "someone" thought it would be funny to make them THE slowest and possibly weakest tier 2 unit in the entire game
Incorporeal makes them strong plus necro gets stronger after level 5 getting skeleton bowman
Ghosts are fragile but can do a lot damage
im sorry but i just cant buy that, factions like elves get a incredibly unfair advantage at level 3, elven bowmen both hit hard and twice, ghosts will always be hit at the third hit making their incorporeal invalid, how am i supposed to level up to 5 if i dont even have the tiniest chance winning, elves have forest keepers and elven bowmen, i have a bunch of skeletons that do 1 damage per skeleton, 28 zombies that if im lucky i MAY hit 46, and 8 ghosts that can get rekt by just exhaling in their general direction, necromancers need a tiny buff or elves have to be nerfed, thats just my opinion
Read this somewhere
The lower levels are unbalanced and admins don't seem to really care about it.
If you feel you can't do well with necro, shift to elf. It's easy to change faction at a lower level.
Splendid, so basically its play elf or go home, what a dumb way to play
Tribal and overpower or elf or knights can or DEs can
Some factions are just better than the others.
It's not just about skills or anything
It's like a game of rock, paper, and scissor.
One gonna beat the other
Then who does necro beat?
*Tribal can
Doubt anything at that level because not even arts could help you
Pretty much anything after level 7-8 with a good magic build
Low level necro isn't really built for PvP. The troops are slow and don't have great survivability. Yes elves dominate low level group battles, but things become more fair as battles become more complex.
By the way, how about farming guild a bit ^^ ? You do know that at almost each new guild level they give some sort of bonus ?
Giving you the link to check for yourself.

Invest your lower levels in building your guilds (mainly LG and HG) and don't do PvP until lvl 8+ it's my recommendation. At low levels factions ain't balanced at all for PvP.
The ghosts are strong because you can raise them and with incorporeal even with 1 HP it can miss allowing to dish out damage.

Necromancer should have 3 knowledge, spell power at your level is useless.

Because ghosts have low HP you will be weak against wizards and magic dark elves, until you won't rely so heavily on ghosts or can get apparitions.
Keep in mind though that if you fight with no artifacts then the elves will dominate because they will kill you easily with the archers, so you need defense (more artifacts) to survive long enough to reach the archers. But with artifacts battles are expensive so do it with caution :)

And yes low level PvP is not very good for a strong character but a few battles won't do much harm if you find it fun and at least before CL 5 it gives good fsp.
what slust said. I want to add that you should save mana to utilize as many raises as you can instead of punching (if magic punch is available at your level). Against enemies who don't use magic.. raising ghosts is always best because they can deal a lot of damage. Also for pvp, take amulet of luck. Sometimes even a single lucky hit can assure your victory.
By the way, how about farming guild a bit ^^ ? You do know that at almost each new guild level they give some sort of bonus ?
Giving you the link to check for yourself

I agree too)
Plus if u see past MT awards necro is unbeatable with skel bowman at level 3(provided you have nice guilds)
for IceSkate:
i mean pay2win kicks in.
for virtual_vitrea:
as long as i remember lvl3 necro only have raise dead. punch unlocks at lvl5 i think
you necro'ed this thread she is lvl 5 now
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