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Cross match


AuthorCross match
From Heroeswm.ru

The life of this Hero is inextricably linked with the battlefield and the innumerable many battles that serve as a faithful guide on the path to universal honor and eternal glory. And go away from these battles - go against your own destiny. True Heroes do not avoid battles - they even dream of them, continuously honing their great skills even in rare moments of peace and tranquility. Brave Heroes, Grammite announces the opening of a new arena for the new Cross Competition .

Heroes! We are pleased to inform you about the start of a new contest (without a general team test).

1) Fights take place on a new battlefield in a 2x2 format. Moreover, both rivals and allies can be heroes with artificial intelligence (AI);
2) Allies on the battlefield are diagonally from each other;
3) There are magical walls on the battlefield that can be destroyed. Walls reduce magic and rifle damage by half if a shot or spell passes through them;
4) The ability of temptresses "Seduction" does not work through magical walls;
5) Any character who has reached the 3rd combat level can take part in the competition;
6) At 00 minutes and 30 minutes of every hour (except for the night break), a set will be entered into the competition;
7) Only artifacts from the store are allowed, modifiers do not work;
8) The competition will last until November 4, inclusive ;
9) In the competition can not win more than 20 victories for one faction;
10) Heroes will get increased by 1.5 times skill points, as well as +2 points GT, if the opponent opposite was not AI;
11) The action of the Potion faction applies to battles in a match;
12) At the end of the contest, the Empire will generously reward with gold all the Heroes who have won at least one victory;
13) Each Hero who won 5 wins will receive a special artifact (slot: backpack) in the inventory - a statuette of a warrior with which he will be able to participate in the competition;
14) Each Hero who has won 20 wins will be additionally awarded on the basis of the results of the contest.

Moreover, for every victory, the Heroes will be additionally rewarded with parts of a special artifact, but not more than 20:

Imperial Crossbow

as well as +20 parts for the 20th victory for one faction (once per match).

More victories!
They also changed recruit count ?
Sounds fun :)
Cip, mini balance
Good. There is a small chance for HK here, to buff all up. The tribals should also do well, given the chance of accumulating spirit.
So basicly, free PoS when participating?
I'm not sure Aure, it could just mean it works, rather than free. Transition could be bad.
I'm guessing that this was google-translated. Some of these sentences are hard to decipher.

I hope we'll get a proper translation.
for Aurelija:
It said I need a minimum FSL of 9 to join, after consuming a PoS it allowed me to join.
Anyone spotted what factions and builds work well for this? I think I'm gonna go for a bw dof build. Should be good on a counter strike. Anyone know what happens with the walls and mine damage?
Played one with dark barb and got an easy win. Mass spells worked great with whole armies packed between the walls
Mirror works
By the way I didn't manage to hit walls with the dark barb units, maybe something implemented to keep units with tribal spirit from gathering it too easily?
I am playing dark elf at CL12 with striving speed over rally.

So far working well, also did Hydra get nerfed?

I used hydra to kill 4 walls at once in my first and second game, but it did not work for the third game.

Here is the battle link.
for Lord MilesTeg:
Good thing is you can easily see who is doing well at your level and faction go into their logs and copy :)
I think the battle log will be hidden soon, it is no fun for everyone to have exact same build and strat. So so event, already done in the past without anything new. But hey it is additional incentive to play pvp
Battle log doesnt matter, you can always see the talent and build on their profile
I need to ask for clarification to make sure our translation is correct. Can anyone tell me if the magic punch and wasp swarm spells' damage is reduced if cast across the wall? Does the reduction apply only to creature spells, or also to hero' spells?
There are magical walls on the battlefield that can be destroyed. Walls reduce magic and rifle damage by half if a shot or spell passes through them

for Omar Contreras:
No such mention of Creatures or Heroes has been given
So I guess It's for all spells
I know what it says. I'm not asking for guesses. Please reply if you know for sure.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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