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Cross match


AuthorCross match

Ah the curse of accidental keyboard shortcuts. My bad.
I think its durability depends on how you placed (like equivalent of gold, silver or bronze award)

Mine has 80 durability

Seemingly is is based upon total placings overall, and then you get one for each that you have finished all 20 based upon the aggregate of all those results.

For example these are both from the same person


Sorry not based on aggregate, but on the individual placing for that art, you will notice the first was a 75/75 while the second 78/78, though on the art itself it gives the overall results.

Someone else I saw got 80/80 despite having a win rate of 32/20, however I presume that for that faction and Combat level it was the highest
Congrats, u made for 5 factions that good overal winning rate? Which factions you used?
That wasn;t me, I only did it for one, I just found them on the market to work out what was going on.

How people did is now on their profile.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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