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Cross match


AuthorCross match
pretty happy with that battle, BW can make a very nice time mate for the other half.

Is spirit bonus halved even if attack=defense?
Shouldn't be
Anyone tried and knows for sure?
its not, i know for sure because of my battles with tribal
Lvl 11 tribal done
18. For securing 20 victories or more, you will be additionally rewarded after the competition is over.

I wonder what this relates to? Gold, event art?

I wonder if win percentage will matter to reward, other than to lower the cost of the event through less dura used.

Still, enjoyable change to normal PvP
I wonder what this relates to? Gold, event art?


18. For securing 20 victories or more, you will be additionally rewarded after the competition is over.

I wonder what this relates to? Gold, event art?

point 17. is about gold, so maybe 18. is also about gold? That would be most logical otherwise as well i think. You also get CG points after 20 wins but no more arbalest parts.
id say gold is more likely, same as last time they done a PVP similar to this.

personally i dont mind, im just glad i finished those 20 wins in 1 faction
After 15 rounds with UN I've lost three, all with afk or mirror partners... the rating starts to feel like a competition of 'who gets the least number of afk partners'

I guess admins did a bit too good of a job with the imperial art parts when some players are willing to go afk/mirror a hundred times to get them (there are some with 20 wins and 20% win rate, i don't think they were present in many of their battles)
So Tribal spirit got nerfed on day 2 because its over powered?
But holy knights 2vs1in people with 140 defense boxes and 90 attack wardens is not a problem?

We literaly couldnt beat him 1vs2. How is that ok?? It doesnt matter what factions there are, if theres no combat level advantage, no player should be able to be unbeatable 1vs2. There was no way we could win this...
God I hate this event so much
You couldn't beat him 1 vs 2 because you didn't use the right strategies.

Your partner should have split his patri to be able to cast evasion on your troops and steal buffs.

Also, I don't see a warden with 90 attack?

It probably would have been more wise to take out the HK before it comes fully buffed. Take out shrews and liz, then go focus on HK.
Lol you didn't rush the holy knight and wonder why you lost. Ofc he crushed you 2v1 if you let him apply all his buffs before engaging him. Also dryads seem like a worse choice than brethren.
Aureljia, Knights have a mostly 50% win rate in this tournament, only one fellow got through with a 83% win rate in 20 battles. The berserks would have rushed the knight instead of wandering all over the place.
In fact, the Raising necro has done very well in the tournament, the raises have been very effective without talents at CL16. They can take 9 dragons at the expense of ghosts and even with most points on attack, those are not easy to kill.
Gold reward can now be claimed

Claimed reward:36,000

Also, found an Elf Talisman in my inventory (I assume you get a talisman for each faction you achieved 20 victories with)
Sorry for double post,
Link to art
Not necessarily 20 wins with the faction. I had 19 wins. It's max durability is 40
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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