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[2018.11.01] Day of Leasing


Author[2018.11.01] Day of Leasing
40% surcharge probably means something to more people than it does not. It would be more wise to simply ask for clarification than change the wording because you're unfamiliar.
I dont understand how this whole debate began xD
The message is easy to understand, and I dont think its badly written (Imho).

For those who dont have a full set in Inventory, enjoy, and make profit.
For those who have Set and dont Lease from Shop, just relax. Regular day.
I dont understand how this whole debate began xD

This isn't a debate. I don't understand whats the point of your input.
Saying it's cost minus surcharge is more meaningful to me than saying it's a 28.6% discount. The latter tells me it's cheaper than usual but tells me nothing about whether it actually is cheap.

Anyway, it's a good day to stock up on some enchants.
Cost per battle is the total cost I have to pay the rent the artifact for one battle, not the total cost minus some surcharge. Your definition of cost per battle is absurd, especially since it doesn't "cost" the artifact shop anything to lease out artifacts.
for Omar Contreras:
You are either dense or terribly ignorant.

Honestly, i wish Meshy locks this asap so i don't have to deal with the nonsense you are bringing up :p
Cost per battle for rented is of course the amount you pay to rent, this is obvious.
Cost per battle for an item bought is the total cost divided by durability.
Price decided by the artifact is a strict application of the cost per battle calculated from the normal artifact cost divided by durability with then 40% added onto this. As such it provides artifacts for rent, but does not compete with military clans and take away their need to stock their own.

Of course how they explained it is of minimal relevance, it clearly conveys they are cheaper than normal. Once this is identified whether to rent some depends upon whether this new price is cheaper than you would rent from a clan depo. Why anyone would care that much as to how they have put that across is beyond me.
Should say price decided by the artifact shop is a strict application etc...

Oh for an edit function.....
closed by Meshy (2018-11-02 01:41:27)
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