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How to collect elements?

AuthorHow to collect elements?
Hi all
I dont know how to collect the elements? Should I purchase them from the market?
You can collect elements from Mercenaries' Guild battles, you can read more about it here

Of course you can buy them on the market too.

You or somebody else can use such elements to enchant items. You can read more about Enchanters' Guild here
You can get elements by completing MG quests, they have a 20% drop rate or so.

Or you can get them from chests of abundance if you buy diamonds (or buy chests for 25k gold), unsure on drop rate.

Sometimes we get elements as drops from events.
Bro, the best method to collect elements is by completing MG quests. There is no use in buying elements from the market, unless you want to become a smith, but it's not a profitable business for average player, like me and you.
You can get elements by completing MG quests, they have a 20% drop rate or so.

I know people have been throwing around that 20% number forever, but has anyone bothered to check whether it's still valid? My record keeping tells me that it's around 10%.
How big is your record? I've broadly(in my brain) kept record over last few hundred and it's about 20%
I have kept a record of last 1000+ and for me 18%
anyone with excell ( or some spreadsheet) installed can contact me tru skype, I can give about 1300 quests data. drop % is not a big issue, drop quality is the real matter. in my case, Im afraid I got too many cheap secondary elements :D
for Lord selfist:
Thats interesting because my most common element is actually moonstone, followed closely by tiger claw
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