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Name Change

AuthorName Change
Why is my name now "Member" and how can I change it??
2013-01-22 19:30: Arrived from overseas Empire, combat level: 11, previous id#35912, previously known as: RicOz6


When the English server merged with the Russian server you were given the opportunity to change your name if it clashes with another player. You must have changed it yourself.
It was changed to Lord RicOz6 for ages, still like that on my combat log for ages.
50 diamonds for a name change

Oh well guess I'll be member from now on!
Lololol contact technical support. Maybe they could help. Theyre usually pretty good about typos ect
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Problems and errors (general)".
So if you really didn't change your name yourself, then we have a bug here and name should be changed back.
Shhhh... U r the chosen one...
for Member:
Please describe the problem to the Dealer.
closed by Beliar (2019-04-20 19:37:32)
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