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[Event] Smugglers


Author[Event] Smugglers
for techy:
I don't know why I chuckled xD
for techy:

finally finish all battles with tribal :)

Victories / Combats: 150 / 163
Total points: 71914, available: 2092
Clan points: 50
1. #928 10,000

2 clans with max 10k score now, thats amazing!
#928 and #1519 with perfect score...Nice
shitty event, after 1st move from ai i got 3 troops...rest are dead
Your faction is the problem. Something fast like elf,dwarf or de would do great.
for grif:
for auto
I am using
bears or sometimes shooter units

Protectors , inficed zombie , magi , goblin warlock, 85% times pass auto on max level
thank u!)
i got the minotaur soldiers and quite pleased)
Good job all,

Reminder of clan rewards:

so the rewards based on clan score
noting to do with the personal records ?
The Empire will additionally award Heroes with a memorable artifact and achievement, all those who will win over the 10th difficulty level. The strength of the artifact will depend only on the maximum defeated level of complexity

Give it time :)
clan 1 and 2 have same score what now?:p
#928 got there first so they get 1st place
I assume the artifact won't be that good because too many people got 50...

Btw I thought this event was a cool idea but I overall like regular events more. I appreciate that admins are trying out new things though.

I think it's better to have this kind of an event only for the LG events.
I overall like regular events more.

I feel the opposite. I think this is by far the best event. Good rewards, not too time consuming.
Yep. Really enjoyed the event as well.
smugglers and PoT is what i enjoy the most.
Victories / Combats: 150 / 154
Total points: 70447, available: 1402
Clan points: 50

What is Your individual score good for?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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