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[HWM Daily] Sphinx's challange


Author[HWM Daily] Sphinx's challange
The challenge is over and results have been calculated. You can find the correct answers on HWM Daily!

I am starting to send out the rewards, for the final task. Please accept them as you see them because my inventory is full of Candy XD
Congratulations Prozyk on getting first!
Ahh. Unfortunatly I was not around during that event :/
Who wins the third question? Best answer wasn't shown on the HWM daily article
Thanks for reward and conducting contest.

Heck I answered beaver instead of hamster :s
And alt tribal instead of alt dwarf
And abu-bakr instead of PoT, since I thought he wanted the man responsible for event, instead of event itself :S

Anyway, thanks for conducting the challenge. It has been fun :)
i couldnt figure 4. out so i didnt answer. nice micro event. wish for more of these.
More will be coming on special occasions :)

I have to go through all the answers and add all of them, will be done today :)

Thank you all for participating! Happy New Year!
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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