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[HWM Daily] Sphinx's challange


Author[HWM Daily] Sphinx's challange
When you join CG and you feel like you are finally going to win this one but then your partner is afk
There was that guy. I used to ambush caravans with him. We shared the tips and tricks of the thief profession. We shared the risk and profits. One day he broke my ambush as a ranger. He knew my placement and all my moves! All that time we ambushed together he was an undercover ranger! That Donnie Brasco guy..
You are doing great! The fourth task is here:

"Once upon a time, a traveler told me a story of a magnificent something that lies somewhere on Empire's lands. He said that if you travel from Kingdom's Castle to the Peaceful Camp you will find it.. Or, perhaps, smell.. Or, perhaps, touch... Or, perhaps, see?" What is it? Remember, the Sphinx likes creative answers.
Only the greatest minds of the Empire could embrace the power lying below. Outstanding piece of ancient technology filled with magicka is running the entire capital. It cannot be seen, nor touched. Subterraneans barely feel its flashing energy. Like a metronome incessantly counting second by second, year by year. They feel it, they know the time is running out. Yet, it does not hold a name, it cannot have.
He was actually a thief who wanted to ambush you on that route:)
You will find a dragon guarding a big treasure :)
You can smell it :P
You may get to touch it if you know how to train a dragon :P
And you of course might see him for more than few seconds if he doesn't burn you down :D
By all means, they are not that rare, but magnificent they are. They are hunted for their furs and captured to make them an entertainment in circuses, but if you do see at least one of these majestic felines hunting near their lake, I am sure you will be stunned.
Once there lived a magnificent dragon on undergrounds of Dragon Caves; smelled like heaven, pure solace to eyes and soft like a feather!
Dragon lived thousands of year but later died for protecting Empire's Capital for which all peasants are forever grateful. With the help of a local friendly necromancer, they have tied the head of dragon at the entrance of Dragon's Cave now and if true believer passes through the cave, they can actually see, smell and touch the lifeless-but-fulloflife soul of Dragon.
No one knows how that necromancer did it, this secret went with him as he disappeared now.
Dragons, tigers....

Next will be wolves I suppose
Traveler: Yeah man, on my last trip, my drake dropped the most magnificient turd I'd ever seen. It was the shiniest, smelliest piece that one would ever come across. If you go from Kingdom's Castle to Peaceful camp, I'm sure you'll get to see it. It looks like a bar of gold, so you might feel inclined to touch it, but don't lol. It might get sweeped off soon, but I'm sure the smell will linger on for months.
You guys are so funny: first you deny stuff I send you as rewards. Then, you complain that you haven't gotten your rewards. When I send you the rewards again, you accept them and ask me why I have I sent you something XDD
for spartak142:
not true. :P
What could be this extravagant force. Its secretive... Its secret. But we can feel this secret we can smell it, we can taste it. Thus cant see or know it. Its well guarded somewhere. but im pretty sure its not by dragon guards. How to find this secret out you may ask, but there is no way to knowing this secret, unless you do...

Okey im joking... those are radioactive clouds and thats how monsters who we fight in MG come into being! Every time we fail to defeat them they grow to next level... if someone even fight them. If not, then they grow in double speed even triple speed depending from their location(food).

ops.. now it is not a secret anymore.
Final task: It is time for the final challenge from the Majestic Sphinx... Answers to this one should be sent to Spartak142 (me) private mail marked "Sphinx Challenge" as this is a trivia and the lord/lady who will answer most of the questions correctly will get the prize. All of the tasks are about the game. Note that answers can be long forgotten as they can be related to history of LordsWM. What is the Sphinx talking about in each of the riddles?

1. "The present is the past. The future I have seen. I fight now for you- Empire, my Queen."
2. "One year has passed and we meet again, last year you were brave and now you are mad. Every year curse repeats and the problem is mine, the curse is on since the beginning of time."
3. "We have been waiting for this so long- it's a meme. The year is almost over and chances are slim... What do you say Admin? "
4. " Ever worn a steel buckler? Or, perhaps, a shortbow do you know where they came from? Now tell me more!"
5. "Would you like some money? I know a way! Hard to catch but reward is amazing, yay!? "
6. " Green little creature, holding a ball. Christmas and present? He hates it all..."
7. "He doesn't get in to houses, By walking through front doors Instead he uses chimneys, his name is..."
Answers to this one should be sent to Spartak142 (me) private mail marked "Sphinx Challenge

I'll be keeping track and anyone who posts the answers here will have their post deleted and a forum ban.
"Why so serious?" - The Joker :D

And that, my friends, is a sign of Russian influence :3

Btw, i liked the quiz. WIsh we had more stuff like this :))
Oh we will! Seems like we are homies with the Sphinx now :D ;)
The challenge ends 02.01.2018. at 23:59 Empire time.
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