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[HWM Daily] Sphinx's challange


Author[HWM Daily] Sphinx's challange
True betrayal? Its these captains we hand our armies to when we chose to auto combat!

How many good men and women and creatures were wasted by being sent in the middle of the field without any strategy or protection.. How many good runes of agility have been wasted from dwarven caches just to step forward one step?? How many battles were lost, that could have been won, because these back stabbing swines?
Goblin trappers betray all the time by not retailing to attack
Tribal goblins
Tribal goblins switching to enemy side.
Magi through shot when they hurt more allies than enemy.

Worst of all, betrayal by my army when they get seduced by the evil temptress. Unforgivable.

Berserkers and berserker (ability) destroying allies.

Meteorite rain, chain lightning, fireball, earthen spikes, other aoe spells. When the allied lord backstabbed me once upon a time during hunt assist to take everything for himself.

Thieves ambushing other thieves, and innocent poor folks without mounts.

List goes on :p
Btw, the best answers are added to the article on HWM Daily :)
The true betrayer is the Empire itself.

We are sent in caves by the Empire, we hunt for the Empire, we transport cargo in a sea full of pirates for the empire, we cross time portals for the Empire, we fight thieves for the Empire and all in the promise of some reward, if you are not killed during these tasks.

How many Lords and ladies fought for glory in the name of the Empire, and how many of them have fallen and lost everything?
The Empire does not tell you, he does not care for you. They use you as a pawn for their tasks and eventually they will get rid of you if they feel you like a treat.
Watch your back,not from thieves, not from your enemies, but from the one that promises you wealth.
Rewards would be sent out before tomorrow

still no reward?
The true betrayer?

Left the current clan to enter the top in event clan for better reward.
For me true betrayal was when my dragons decided to kill my cute little spirits along with Renegade thugs enemy.

Renegade thugs deal 56 damage to Green dragons.
Green dragons are now poisoned.
Luck befalls Green dragons!
Ironroot treefolk get enraged.
Green dragons deal 678 damage to Sprites. 100 perish.
Green dragons deal 1756 damage to Renegade thugs. 28 perish.

#feelsbadman :(
Lessons of history/ Bully: Those invaders must be so confused, getting hit from every side.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Swearing]
Player banned by moderator Meshy until 2018-12-29 18:07:05 // FR 4.5 // Foul language - warning
" True Betrayal "

Letting your classic wizard play hunt/mg/wg with mirror.
What they do? Holy magic on their puny troops instead of 2k+ dmg spells from hero.
I feel betrayed!
true betrayal?

there is only one thing and it is luck- enemy always get it, me and my team dont get it.
no luck triggers, bad rolls, stuns, blinding... you name it.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Swearing]
Shamans sacrificing tribal goblins.
Tribal cyclops devouring the devoted goblins.
Cyclop upgrades tossing those poor goblins at enemies.
I feel so bad for them :/

I don't think unity is the strong point of tribals as a faction.
Roulette is the true betrayal!

First time the ball lands on 13, and the it lands on 31 and you win! But then never again and you lose your money, house and wife!
True betrayal?
Moderators... For one moment you think they are your good friends and they would not punish you for flooding the forum. The very next moment BAN! :'( ahhh my heart hurts!

PS- No ban pls.
When a clan mate comes for defense with min AP and joins you while you use 5 enchants.
When team mate using DoF fireballs opponent's one size retialation stack
Dark elves are all betrayers

Dieing is the betrayal of life, while the undead are the betrayal of death
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