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Dear Admins ,


AuthorDear Admins ,
Hello ,
could you please explain me in witch scenario this is fair battle ?
This is not the 1st unfair battle I'm seeing at this MT , maybe something should be done to make more equal battles ?

it's called Mixed tournament
so it's more about luck than fair battles
I played it 2 times and I lost all
and also knowing that I am not expecting fair battles at all
it's one of many tournaments so for me I am not complainint
But you dont think MT shoudn be more fair to everyone ?
I'm very annoyed with all the low levels taking might builds. I understand that they may not know better or have accessible builds, but they are almost useless in the fight, yet they're factored into the matchmaking equation
for techy:
90% of time it done make any diffirence
for latviesu lords:
I completely disagree. A level 11 shadow barb/dark demon/holy knight does much more to help a battle than their respective might builds. They are either buffing or debuffing for the battle. Conversely, their might builds are putting 30 attack (at best most of the time) up against 45 defense and high FSP levels. Buffing and debuffing disregards many stats. Having a low level casting important spells can turn the tide of a battle. The only purpose a lower level can serve beyond this is just getting in the way or taking retaliations.
This also assumes that opponents are around level 16-17, which I am seeing many of in my battles, where trying to do damage to them is pointless. Also, the same builds that I mentioned in the above post can be accessed partially at level 8, rendering them more useful than a might build at that level
What latviesu is saying, rightly, is that when there are rusher builds adopted by the lv17-18, games are over before you get to make a difference with your de/buffing. No amount of buffing can save the some light builds from UN or Dwarf rushing.
for The One Ring:

I also disagree with that statements. Some battles are affected by the presence of a buffer/debuffer. I have played many mixed battles where I am targeted immediately, drawing fire away from the main damage dealer on my team because they know that if I can get a mass delay or weakness off on their units, then my ally who is a level or two lower than them might have a chance at beating them
when there are rusher builds adopted by the lv17-18
Not always. Then.
You can do wonders against opponents when they have half or a third of the initiative of your army. I took the time to watch Aurelija's very long battle that he posted in creative works. His partner was a dark elf that was the lowest level among all participants. He managed to use his units to get in the way and do a decent amount of damage to the lower level enemy, but that still left a level 17 against a level 16, 14, and a badly hurt 10. The level 10 used debuff spells and caused Aurelija to lose because he couldn't get his units to move. Without that necro, the battle would probably have resulted differently.
when there are rusher builds adopted by the lv17-18
Not always. Then.

So "90% of the time it doesn't make any difference" but only in the case of rusher builds by those specific levels and builds. Okay. I was only trying to argue that magic builds over might builds for lower levels can be important. You should also mention that the level 17-18 rusher is against a level 16 rusher. Had it been a defense tamer dark elf or tribal, it could be different.
Another one from CG , even with low level and dark magic


Still not possible to win , i will just quit this game if this wont be changed , because i dont want to play battles with 0% chances to win. Im playing to win !
don't play mixed battles problem solved
don't play mixed battles problem solved

Don't play game problem solved.

btw, how has this forum not been closed yet, "dear admins" generally gets met with "kindly contact secretary bleh bleh etc."
combine this with 12 battles max. cant even grind bronze lol :D
don't play mixed battles problem solved

I play mostly late/night time so not possible , and have you seen how many players plays duels ?
btw, how has this forum not been closed yet

I can if you like, but there is a clear discussion going on between players (or at least there was about low level players and their contributions)

And if Grif really wanted to send a message to admins, he'd go on .ru and write there :P
Let us whine for a while more :p
Does anyone else have an issue with Lv15s with Commanders' guild: 0 (0.00) +150.0 in their team? They are the ones who go afk, and gladly lose, because they are only playing for the LeG troops that come with it.
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