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Dear Admins ,


AuthorDear Admins ,
If it makes you feel any better, I'll be your paired CG partner, though the matchmaking may be even worse then
lvl 18 vs lvl15 , lvl10 and a lvl6


not even worth my time
for Meshy:
russians are whining in their forums aswell. cant even call it whining for not having a chance.
2 lvl15 vs level 19

that looks pretty decent for the admins so a level 9 player to help the level 19


the matchmaking is a joke

19+9 = 28
15+15 = 30
So, it's a "close match". I think that's the logic admins use anyway.
for latviesu lords:
I know, I'll leave this open for the duration of MT so you guys can whine. But I'll close it if it gets out of hand. :)
Have admins ever shared what algo they use for matchmaking? If they use a pretty standard algo, I doubt they'd mind sharing.
Okey one MT not s imprortant anyways artsdidnt wear off , but why dont ue normal battles at CG ?
+1 level = more talents + more SP + better gear and weapon + more troops + access for more magic
but they still think having very high level player by himself against
2 players with average level is fair
guys, Admins algorithm isn't known, but what one are you using?

This should fit you better!

IF Player{does NOT} play the tournament
THEN Admins {change something}
ELSE Admins {keep it going as it is]


From my standpoint, i don't play tournaments or PVP anymore, just do solo stuff (quests etc) since i realized that my char is too weak to compete and win no matter what. I made this choice when i abandoned wizards and moved on to dwarfs.

However, I'd also like to point out that saying to other people "be there to support me, as you are weaker/the wrong class" isn't very nice. It is a game, it has to be so, let everyone play the way they like it, and don't criticize if their strategy isn't that good.

That's one of the reason a lot of people got fed up playing. Too much insulting/complaining from so called "team mates".

and happy new year! XD
I agree with guyb :)

I think a player should only go as far as requesting his teammates for help in situations like taking a retaliation or blocking the enemy damage, etc. I used to see this in a lot of mixed cg; a high level player telling others at every turn what move to play, or criticizing them harshly for their builds.. I don't support this.. Its akin to you becoming a puppet who is not really playing the battle, just letting your teammate control everything. Of course a lot depends on how its worded, if its more of a command than request. Anyway, i think players should experiment builds themselves to find what works best for them and what is fun. They will at times feel silly to more experienced ones, i know they have to me but I also know that i have been there, and i have done that myself :) Just knowing that, you can avoid your lingering anger from ruining everyone's experiences.
look who is whining now :)
my fellow non russian ip players u can eat at this restaurant and participate in the tournament but u get the table near the toilet u better get used to it,
your luck and morale will not trigger as much as theirs u are here to make them look good u better belive it :)

this goes 4 u to griff stop whining and take it like a man :)
I'm not whining , I'm telling there is problem witch needs to be fixed and i'm not the only one probably every normal player will say that need balancing .
u could have fooled me
I'm very annoyed with all the low levels taking might builds.
I understand that they may not know better or have accessible builds, but they are almost useless in the fight, yet they're factored into the matchmaking equation

Totally agree, yet its true that maybe they dont know about the Build, or the 'Meta' in the game, so early on at that point.
Unless they are Old players coming back with new account, or secondary accounts (Called 'Smurfs' in some videogames), they are barely getting to know the very Basics of the game, by then.

Anyway, i think players should experiment builds themselves to find what works best for them and what is fun.
Even tho its on the opposite side, agree as well.
I have a tendency to explore the whole Talent Wheels, and see viable and alternative Builds.
The Talent wheels arent so big, so everything is known and practiced already, though.

As for me, I ll try my Trump's Great Great Fire-Wall Build on UN XD
Got me a Silver Medal once in Mixed, IIRC! I felt so 'Pro' for some weeks!

I'll leave this open for the duration of MT so you guys can whine. But I'll close it if it gets out of hand. :)
YES PLEASE, Lmao. And DW, mate.
'Whining/Complaining' sometimes helps get relieved, actually.
If it doesnt become 'Childish', its kinda Okay, I guess.
no need for balancing it is fine the way it is u win some u loose somr more loss than win of corse
for Issy404:
cause you lvl20
I’ve lost like four in a row hha
2/12 in MT passing by :D
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