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AuthorDifferent defense with identical arts
See here, hero has 40 defense

Next game, hero has 39 defense.

Why? How? I must know.
Potion wore off?
No. Cannot join cg without potion as DE.
PoS gives the average FSL or one below the highest FSL of the person in combat, whichever is higher.

In your first battle the dwarf opposite has fsl 13 so you get 12. Rest you should get 11 (I haven't fully checked their fsl).
I don't think that's it. FSL does not change the lord's parameters; it changes the troop's parameters. Also, the difference between FSL 11 and 12 is a lot more than 1 point of defense.
FSL does not change the lord's parameters

Indeed. But in his combats he is a chaos DE.

Their unique racial ability provides Dark Elves with additional defense that can be calculated as: (Spell power+Knowledge)*([10+(faction skills level of a hero)]%).

With FSL 11: (14 + 36)*([10+(11)] = 50*21% = 10.5 - rounds to 10
With FSL 12: (14 + 36)*([10+(12)] = 50*22% = 11

Another way of checking, as you said FSL affects troop stats.

The difference between FSL 11 and 12 is: +2% initiative, +3 attack, +2 defense of troops
In the battle with the dwarf opposite, his minos have:

33A / 58D / 9.7 ini

Other combat:
30A / 55D / 9.5 ini
Did not consider the fsl 13 dwarf.
Thanks Meshy.
Ah. That makes sense.
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