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New class: "nature elfs" :) (or another name)


AuthorNew class: "nature elfs" :) (or another name)
Just tell me to stop with this if im getting anoying xD

Meet the new and coolest race: nature elfs

-special raical ability-
Lords army doesnt change luck and morale after ressurection
Lords summon phantom spell efficiency is improved by (CL+FSL)*1.5

-special raical talent-
Once per combat, a player can clone a stack (ammount in the creatures in stack: 80% + (FSL+CL)*2 %)


Tinkerbells-(flyers, mana steal, broad attack)

Forrest guardian- (double strike)

Featherfoots- (shooter, no range penalty, no melle penalty)

Elder druids- (shooter, caster)
(spells: earth spike, stoneskin, chasitise)
(earth spike spell damage: 10+N*10)

Pegasus- (large creature, flyer, blinding brilliance)

Rooting trees- (large creature, take roots, entangleing roots, polichyepaty)

Purple dragon- (already explained)
Just tell me to stop with this if im getting anoying xD
no keep them coming :D
Change with the trees : poliechipaty changed to broad attack

Not as OP as others

Where was purple Dragon explained?
Like "black widows" that unit also apeard in the game.

(i only remember its a caster and has 500hp)

Faerie dragons
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Off topic]
Make a class for Tribal or Dwarf plz
Topic moved from "Ideas and suggestions" to "Creative works".
Can you explain the racial ability please? I dont quite understand what it does
First part is clear i guess
Second part:
Lord with 12 CL and 10 FSL casts a summon phantom spell on a stack that has 100 units it will create 100 + (12+10)×1.5 = 133 phantoms
100 + (12+10)*1.5=133
Pretty OP for a Cl22 with fsl 13 :D
So 33 extra phantoms would always be created? No matter if this is sprites or treefolk?
It's 33%

Think of it as n2 = n1 + (CL+FSL)*1.5

Where n2 is phantom stack and n1 is size of original stack
for Meshy:

Thanks for clearing the equation, im so clumsy :) you would say its op but not so much for pvp
No need for new trees, there are those black ones with infecting strike :)
for Meshy:
Your equation is exactly what was written by god mom. If you had 10 unicorns cl 10 and fsl 10

New = 10 + (10+10)*1.5 = 10 + 30 = 40 unicorns
For it to be a percentage the formula would surely have to be

N2 = n1 + (cl+fsl)*1.5*n1/100
for merlin36:
Yes you're right, sorry :)
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