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New class: "demon nightmares" :) (or another name)

AuthorNew class: "demon nightmares" :) (or another name)
So these last few were not so intresting eh? :D

Intresting new class made in semi-zone (dont ask)

~ Demon nightmare ~

-special raical ability-
Every lords attack makes an unit take 5+4*CL damage over 2 turns. Damage doesn't stack.

-special talent-
Units get an ability to do a succesifull fear attack at melle attack. Success depends on tier of a creature attacking. If N/2+N*T*CL > eHP*T then its triggerd
(N-number of creature in stack.
T-tire of a creature attacking and attacked
eHP-enemy hit points.)

- Units - (all are demonic)

-Creeps (health shipon)
(health shipon- activate this ability to steal N*3 HP from a target and split it between all lords stacks. HP taken will only overheal the first unit in the stack, without resurecting)

-Hrings (leap, ignore defence 10%)

-Vorucants (no retaliation, double strike)

-Mermorgans (shooter, immunte to mind affecting spells, frenzie strike 40%)
(frenzie strike 40%- this unit has 40% chance to frenzie its target and make it attack 2 nearest units. You can only frenzie stacks that have less than 22*N hit points. N- mermorgans stack number)

-Nightmare riders (large creature, jousting, intimidation aura, ignore defence 25%)

-Dreamwaivers (large creature, caster, unbreaking sleep)
(spells: confusion, blind)
(unbreaking sleep-when an unit strikes it has 50% chance to make his opponent miss its turn *does not apply fear attack then*)

-Sandmans (large creature, telekenesis, teleportation, searing aura)
(searing arura damage = N*20)
+1, I kinda love this! :D
Asking to be played defensively. Doesn't need attack with everything ignoring defense.
Intresting thinking... With all the battle unit control maybe chaos would be great.
Didnt think about that
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