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What were you thinking when you were choosing your first class?


AuthorWhat were you thinking when you were choosing your first class?
I chose necro because it has no morale, so it's easier to know the turns. Also the play style was unique, hybrid of might and raising death.
Necro Backkkkkkkkkkkkkk in the day on my first account,
Only cause i could bring my guys back from the dead,
Loved how lazy i could be when i played hehe
Demon because i like their gate skill but now i more better use dark elf and barbarian xD
dark elf because he seemed badass xD
I see dead people.. i love dead people ^^
Wizard because magic is awesome
Pharao: coz it's diagnosis
What were you thinking when you were choosing your first class?
All I wanted was to zap everyone off the planet...
Just kidding, I'm really sweet and fluffy... ;)
I took necro, because it has always been my favourite castle in HOMM 3 :)
I took Barb because I loved them in HOM and because I was sure that I was never going to like a spell base faction
2008-08-23 15:31: Registered. Faction: Wizard.

reason: i was a huge Homm 3 fan and kinda sucked tactically so i used spells :D
went for elves
because I used to play HOMM V and was aiming to get Grandmaster Bowmen
don't ask me why but that was my reason
Necro cause he had ghosts and vampires
Me use "Cap, Cip, Cup, belalang kuncup~" or you can say i randomly tapping until the end of song. But its endded i use DE more than demon xD
The only Heroes hero that I've ever played in the original game was Tarnum. On hindsight, he was really a Beastmaster and not a Barbarian in that version. Second reason, was that the old Barbarian special was magic resistance and the friend who introduced me to the game was a Wizard main. Finally, I seem to always start as barbarian and then slowly transition to roguish roles in most games.
KNIGHT - Because of Angels.
colorful creatures ofc :D
DE, shrews looked hot
I Chose Knight faction because of Griffin + Angels , they wer beautiful.
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