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Authorhow did fortune genies move before cerberi

I can understand if something with initiative 10 moves before 10.1 but an initiative 12 is moving before an initiative 13 here.I have never seen the opposite happen at all. Never has a low initiative troop of mine moved before a high initiative AI troop.
There is a deviation of 0-10 % in the beginning of the battle. Ini of 12 can vary between 10.8 and 13.2.
and ini of 13 between 11.7 and 14.3.
Then why do we even have initiative? It is so frustrating when these kinda things happen
for Lord photonics:
how did fortune genies move before cerberi

they got lucky
Btw the two guys above made a small mistake.
Ini of 12 can vary between 10.8 and 13.2.
*from 12.0 to 13.2, 10.8 would be -10%, you never have negative penalty.

So if you had 13.3 you would always move before 12 ini.
Yeah it would be pretty big variation if the initiative went below the number shown. I think randomr1 is correct that it only goes up.

Now correct me if i am wrong,
The probability of 12 being higher than 13 is 3/13 (at numbers 13,13.1 and 13.2) and for 13 to not overtake 12 is 3/14. So combined probability is close to 5% assuming that 12 ini beats 13 ini when both are effectively 13.

In 100 combats, you could expect genies to go before cerbs about 5 times.
Happened again :(


I conclude that Leg is like roulette. Things are designed so that you lose more gold than you gain :(. You can't get profit from it no matter what teams you put up. In the end you always lose gold.Closing this topic now.
closed by Lord photonics (2019-06-13 15:48:35)
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